Kanbanize .NET

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The Kanbanize! .NET project is a C#/.NET (4.0) library created for accessing the http://www.kanbanize.com Kanban board API.




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huboard - Kanban board for github issues

Kanban board for github issues

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Manages the data required for a Kanban project and displays it.

Radio-story-cards - Tracking physical Agile/Kanban story cards with RFID tags

Use RFID tags attached to story cards so that your physical story wall or kanban can update a digital tracking system such as JIRA or LeanKitKanban.

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kanban-board is an interactive, DragnDrop web based board interface for managing small projects with kanban. It supports - Multiple projects Project archiving Types of Cards (visual difference by color) Customizing WIP limit Workflow columns Colors Card types and their colors This is the home of kanban-board: Built on plain PHP, using SQLite database (supports MySQL as well). What is Kanban?The word Kan means "visual" in Japanese and the word "ban" means "card". So Kanban refers to "visual cards

Kanban - Web based scrum management system

Because the world can't have too many web based project management tools

Web Heijunka-Kanban

This project presents a web based Heijunka-Kanban board. It uses a MySql database to manage kanban (sign cards) on a Heijunka (leveling) board. It supports states, priorities, owners, and one level of nesting along with child kanbans.