Karyadeka Alam Lestari Accounting

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Sistem Informasi Akunting Penjualan Jasa PT Karyadeka Alam Lestari Semarang




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Kal - A calendar component for the iPhone (the UI is designed to match MobileCal)

A calendar component for the iPhone (the UI is designed to match MobileCal)


A calendar component for the iPhone (the UI is designed to match MobileCal)

Kalthoria - Kal'Thoria - A small C# Game made by Reelix

Kal'Thoria - A C# game with potential Well, when you start the EXE, you will be given a black screen with a red dot in the middle. Press Z, click "Mode" then click away, then press "X". The "Mode" bar should vanish. Press Num-3 to move onto the grass (make sure Num-Lock is on). Look around :) The "Mode" is the Dev Map Editor. Collision currently only works with Up (8), Right (6), Down (2) and Left (4), but any of the 8 Num-Pad directions will work. Have Fun :) - Thanks to Mad-Poet for the Tree G

Gookal - A JavaSript based calendar widget optimized for a small space

The GooKal calendar widget displays multiple (Google-) calendars for smaller spaces. It uses jQuery for renderering. It is inspired by the Calvis component but tries to eliminate some of the complexity using just the month view but also tries to overcome the problems of the actual calvis (multiple calendars, i18n, huge demand of space). Please look into the example for a quick view. The example uses tooltips on click and a div with a dynamic width (so resize your browser window to see). I uses t

Osmmapmaker - creates maps with calibration from openstreetmap data

This is a small java programm that is creates maps in jpg and png format from the OpenStreetmap project. The programm use the existing tiles from http://www.informationfreeway.org/ and merge them back together. The calibration data will be written as .map file (OziExplorer), as .kal file (Glopus) and as simple textfile that contains the center lat/long coordinates and the width in meters. This programm helps me to gather informaion for the OSM project when i'm outside and mapping with my PDA and

Kaplan - Basic ORM Library for PHP

KAPLAN - PHP ORM Library Kaplan bir PHP ORM kütüphanesidir. En basit amaç ile kalıcı nesneleri veritabana Insert, Update, Delete işlemlerini yapmak ve nesnesel olarak Sorgulama yapabilmektir. Kaplanın nesnesel sorgulama diline KQL adını verdik. Kaplanı geliştirmede Java ORM aracı olan Hibernate'ti örnek alıyoruz. Kaplan şuan için çok yeni bir proje olmakla beraber (19 Ocak 2009 Tarihinde başlandı.) PHP 5 OOP yapısına göre kodlanmaktadır. Açık Kaynak bir proje olacağı i

Kerallawacademy - Keralalaw academy

repo for kerala law academy

Rdfquery - RDF processing in your browser

rdfQuery is an easy-to-use Javascript library for RDF-related processing. You can use it to parse RDFa embedded within your page, query over the facts it contains, and reason to produce more facts. In concert with an server-side triplestore, rdfQuery can be used to create interfaces for editing the semantic web. rdfQuery comes in three flavours, with a minimised and a full Javascript release for each. The three flavours are: Core rdfQuery enables you to create triplestores and query over those t