Kaku by wifi

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The projects purpose: Make your phone a part of your house hold by being able to control certail elektric devices with your phone such as, light, electric curta




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mb functionsMultibyte Strings Functions for PHPAll these functions extend the PHP mb functions (Multibyte Strings Functions). Functions are defined with the same arguments and returns, at least, that their singlebyte counterparts. Note: If any argument is added it has a default value defined. All functions are 100% compatible with the singlebyte functions. Multibyte Strings Functions included in mbfunctions libraryMultibyte versions of singlebyte functionsmb_ucfirst — Make a string's first cha

Openmood - Opensource DMX tools for linux

The openmood project consists of multiple programs for using the OpenDMX dongle with linux. With this set of programs you can easily test and setup your dmx lighting environment. The final goal is to have a piece of software that can read commands from infrared/kaku/ethernet devices/clients and controls the corresponding dmx device. NOTE; that this application is not meant to control an entiere lighting stage where a lot of fast changing effects and equipment is used. With openmood you can set a

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HAMS - Home Automation and Management System Source code repository for the Open Source Home Automation and Management System. Ideas: First of all, I want to highlight a particular word: KIS : Keep It Simple, it should be very easy to use for the end user. This application should handle everything that is related to a person's house(hold) with the exception of an entertainment system (thats what we have Mediaportal for, though some slight integration is always welcome). It should be modular to e


Domotica rest webservice to use with jeelink stick and kaku devices. There is also a siriserver plugin to call this service

NexaTransmitter - Nexa (HomeEasy, KaKu) 433Mhz RF remote transmitter library for Arduino

Nexa (HomeEasy, KaKu) 433Mhz RF remote transmitter library for Arduino