Kaboom! The MVVM framework for the web...

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Kaboom makes it possible to create RIA applications using the MVVM design pattern. It's developed in JavaScript and is made to leverage jQuery, JSON, and aspMVC.




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Kaboom-o-rama - a 2d platform shooter in python

Kaboom-O-rama is a 2d platformer where you shoot enemies. It is written fully in python, with pygame as engine.

Mashup-richardgroh-aboom - Kaboom

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Embrio - Ka-map interface for Embrio

MissionThis project is aimed to develop a web application that mix the potentialities of ka-Map (Mapserver), pyWPS, GRASS and QGIS. DescriptionAll the best of web and desktop Free Software GIS joint together: # ka-Map (ka as in ka-boom!) is an open source project that is aimed at providing a javascript API for developing highly interactive web-mapping interfaces using features available in modern web browsers. # PyWPS is a Python implementation of OGC web service draft WPS. # GRASS the most powe

Soldatarcherrpg - Soldat Archer RPG.

This game is about RamboMatch mode in soldat. In archer rpg you have three diffrent classes: Fire Archer - Low Hp, High Attack Skills: Burning Arrow (Kaboom), FireBall, FireWall --- Holy Archer - High Hp Low Attack Skills: Medkit Spawn, Healing, Flash Arrow --- Shadow Archer - Medium Hp, Medium Attack Skills: Predator, Poison Arrow, Additional Defence --- Gamepaly is simple: You're geting #some arch and now you just have to kill all others (team game).

Cse167chinook - CSE 167 Final Project

CODENAME CHINOOK Authors: Robert Dunlap, Nicholas Feinberg, Nicholas Swenson CODENAME CHINOOK is an interactive driving simulation. The focus of the simulation is a small vehicle making a 3-4 minute loop around a large environment, comprised of a city and the surrounding landscape. The player will not have control of the vehicle's movement; they will instead have control of the camera, being able to look in all directions, as well as to fire a cannon that will create particle-effect explosions.

kaboom - kaboom!!!!


Snazzy-resource - A snazzy way to save ARes models to ARec models

ActiveResource is wicked spiffy, but the reality is that the most obvious use cases all blow up like kaboom. You can't do find(:include), you can't use form handlers without a little bit of meta and a whole lotta luck, and you can't just save an ActiveResource model across the network with all its association classes... Until now. Snazzy Resource is a Rails plugin that allows an ActiveRecord model to instantiate and save itself - the equivalent of a create or create! - from the params you'll aut

demo_app - demo, kaboom!

demo, kaboom!


Two teams battle out by punting a rocketball back and forth. Miss and its KABOOM!

kaboom - A collection of Computer Science experiments.

A collection of Computer Science experiments.