JTolik (JT Framework for Java Script)

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JTolik is a framework for Java Script with .NET types implementation. The main goal is to allow .NET web developers use framework types in Java Script code. Also JT library brings different features to developers: advanced binding to events, classes (with ability to inherit...




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Amateur Radio software for reception/transmission of JT65A protocol with an emphasis upon its usage in the High Frequency Amateur Bands.

Jt01 - social network with google maps

jt01 is web project with focus in social network. Our intention is integrate the Google Maps with a social network to provide a relationship between peoples, events, and knowledge. Used technologies: Sun Java; struts2; hibernate; DWR; flexJSON; jQuery;

Jt-java - A pure Java library to decode files in the JT(TM) format

A pure Java library to decode the JT(TM) file format from Siemens PLM (TM).See http://www.jtopen.com/ for samples and the file format specification. See licensing for the specific JT specification license data structures license. The library is produced independently and has no affiliation to Siemens PLM (TM). StatusThis library currently parses JT files including faceted data, the Logical Scene Graph and other necessary information. It renders it using the JReality toolkit. ImplementationThe im

MoJT Login System

MoJT Login System is simple, but yet powerful login system. The Program consist of a login, registration and members page. It has also the administration panel which is easy to access and even more easier to use!

JAT's startup files

My personal setup files, primarily quot;dotfilesquot; like .cshrc, etc. Everything except [X]Emacs setup files, which can be found in a separate project (jt-xemacs-setup).

Ia1-20111-jt-nnfonts - Projeto de Inteligencia Artificial: Opções de fontes

Projeto acadêmico de disciplina de Inteligência Artificial 1 (semestre 2011.1) do curso de Bacharelado Em Ciência da Computação da UFCG. Objetivo é a criação de um sistema de geração de alternativas de fontes baseado em redes neurais.

Mashup-jtoftx-jt-hello-world - JT Hello World

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.


$ curl -s https://keybase.io/joshdata/key.asc | gpg --importgpg: key C10BDD81: public key "Joshua Tauberer <jt@occams.info>" imported

Jimiagent - Jimi Agents is a simple agent four your aplication

Jimi AgentJimi Agent is usuful for developers enhance information between users and his applications with interactive characters. Jimi Agent has been developed with C# and GTK on mono plataform. Simple example code:JimiAgent ja = new JimiAgent();ja.infoFontSize(fz);ja.show(5);ja.state(JimiState.Happy);ja.write("<b>Knight Rider</b>, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world.");ja.position(JimiPosition.TopRight);ja.infoFontFamily("Arial");ja.infoFontStyle(Pango.Style.Oblique);Gdk.Color col = new G