$linq - A Javascript LINQ library

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$linq is a Javascript version of .NET's Linq to Objects, with some query operations inspired by MoreLinq (an extension to Linq to Objects).




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ltxml.js - LINQ to XML for JavaScript

ltxml.js is an XML processing library for JavaScript that is inspired by and largely similar to the LINQ to XML library for .NET.

Linquid JS

Linquid JS aims to be as full a port as makes sense of the System.Linq.Enumerable class to JavaScript.


The ExtRest engine uses a database repository to define your application's public REST interfaces. It listens for REST requests and calls user defined handlers. Native support is provided for typical ExtJS REST needs.

Relinq - Dynamic construction and remote execution of LINQ queries

Born as a framework for remote invocation of LINQ queries, Relinq is now a tool for bi-directional transformation between C# 3.0 expression trees and expressions of EcmaScript v3 (referenced versions of languages are shorthanded as C# and JS on this site). Framework provides means of programmatically performing the following tasks in .NET 3.5 environment: C# -> JS: Given a C# expression tree build a string that represents an equivalent JS expression provided certain conditions are met. JS -> C#:

Kale - An AJAX based photo album application running on .NET 3.5

Kale aims to build an AJAX based photo album building on core .NET technologies and making use of features to new to version 3/3.5 such as WCF and Linq-to-SQL. We're making use of the Ext JS component library to reduce the time to build the GUI and handling the AJAX aspects of the system. The first goal of the system is for use at home, where there's an existing photo library (normally organised on file shares). The project goals are summarised in the wiki @ ProjectGoals

Jsonfx-examples - Example projects built with JsonFx.NET

JsonFx.NET ExamplesExample projects built using JsonFx.NET, the JSON-savvy Ajax Framework for ASP.NET. For environment setup help, see: http://help.jsonfx.net/instructions For ASP.NET MVC, Web Application and Web Site Visual Studio Project Templates, see: http://jsonfx.googlecode.com "UIToolkit"JsonFx.NET (JBST, JSON-RPC) C# / ASP.NET / Visual Studio 2005 jQuery 1.3.2 UIToolkit shows how to build reusable control libraries which allow sharing of JBST client-side templates, scripts, and styleshee

Rapidwebdev - .NET Rapid Development Framework - infrastructure as a service

RapidWebDev is a framework providing almost reusable APIs, common components, available services and UI framework on developing .NET applications. It focuses on productivity and quality improvement through integration and innovation which can save more than 50% code with much higher performance and quality than any other solutions in our practice. It’s grown out from our talent and rich experience in more than 10 outsourcing projects since 2004. And there is a creative team in Shanghai, China

LinqExpressionsToJS - Framework for emitting Javascript functions from Linq Expression trees.

Framework for emitting Javascript functions from Linq Expression trees.


using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web; using System.Web.Mvc; using LadoAnimal.Models; namespace LadoAnimal.Controllers { public class EstadoController : Controller { // // GET: /Estado/ public ActionResult Index() { var estado = Estado.FindAll(); return View (estado); } public ActionResult Create () { var estado = new Estado(); return View