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Input-to-select - inputToSelect - different date picker - jQuery Plugin

inputToSelect is a jQuery Plugin that transforms a normal date input to a 3 selects input (year, month and day) To use it (the fast way): $('input.date_picker').inputToSelect();It is crossbrowser (works in IE6 too). To see it in action go to http://www.mbe.ro/wp-content/uploads/input-to-select/.

Jquery-imagefit-plugin - jQuery plugin which proportionally scales images to fit the available width

This jQuery plugin makes it easy to have images resize horizontally and vertically to fit the available container width. It is useful for flexible or fluid web page layouts or when the you don’t have control over the dimensions of the images being loaded. How to useIn your HTMLLink the plugin into your page along with jQuery: \t<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>\t<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.imagefit.js"></script>In your JavaScriptWhere '#content' is a jQuer

Jqueryreplaceselects - jQuery Customize Selects

Replace all HTML select items with your own customized version. Added support for iphone and ipod users. UPDATE: Version 1.0.1 is up and we've made it have different HTML look :) Check out the example for v1.0.1: http://www.mbe.ro/wp-content/uploads/replace_selects_1.0.1/ It's a jQuery plugin which you call like this $('select').replaceSelects();It is crossbrowser (works in IE6 too). To see it in action go to http://www.mbe.ro/wp-content/uploads/replace_selects/.

Davidgsoc2010 - Mini CMS developed on Apache Sling

This project shows some features of Apache Sling and can be used for educational purpose to move your first steps with this framework. David uses the following opensource library/technologies: jQuery 1.4.2 jQueryUI 1.8 LavaLamp - A menu plugin for jQuery with cool hover effects WP-Cumulus SWF - used to display tag cloud iText CKEditor The available features are CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) for the content Full HTML creation of article Creation of PDF rappresentation of a single post or

Mbe-mobile-slider - jQuery Plugin that will help you create a mobile slider (html, images etc)

mbeMobileSlider is a jQuery Plugin that will create a slider that can be used on mobile and normal browsers. To use it (the fast way): $('#mobileScroller').mbeMobileSlider({ width: '500px'});To see it in action go to http://mbe.ro/wp-content/uploads/mbe_slider_v1.0.5/ Changelog v.1.0.5fixed Opera Animation End bug fallback for IE7,8,9 SVG arrows (that can be changed) disableOutsideScroll - wether to disable the outside scroll when on ipad / android / etc enableMouseScroll - wether to enable navi

Blogui - A JQuery Sandbox/WP Theme

Ok, I’m going to try and cover as many features with as little waffle as possible here, no easy task. What is it? Right, Blog’dUI is a Wordpress theme that uses Jquery to add flexibility and allow more content in the same space (and faster ) Who’s it aimed at? Everyone. Both Web Masters and Developers. Please note there are two release available. Two Releases? Yep, the Web Master version has had all the CSS/JS merged and is therefore a bit quicker on the load times. The Dev version leaves

Arras-buffet - The Buffet Framework

NOTE: This project is no longer mantained. If you are interested in taking over this project, please send me an email. About Buffet Theme FrameworkThe Buffet Framework is a WordPress theme framework designed not only for the theme developers who will be using the theme actions and filters to create the child themes, but also for the end users who would be able to add and remove what they want. Like most WordPress theme frameworks, the Buffet Framework utlises WordPress actions and filters to all

Wordpress-download-monitor-plugin - Wordpress Download Monitor Plugin

Download Manager get updated version from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/download-manager/ This plugin will handle your downloadable files. You can set password and set access level any of your downloadable files from your wordpress site. DescriptionThis plugin will handle your downloadable files. You can set password and set access level any of your downloadable files from your wordpress site. You can add/embed downloadable files anywhere in the post just pasting the embed code inside your

Webpyte - Lightweight megaframework for web development, inspired by TurboGears

Webpyte was a megaframework for web development. Nowadays I just use Pyramid, and Webpyte is unmaintained. It was inspired by TurboGears, and was based on: Python 2.6 (extremely high level programming language) CherryPy 3.1.2 (vastly superior to the one used in TurboGears 1.x) SQLAlchemy (flexible ORM for your database needs) Routes (versatile URL dispatching) Genshi (templating language) Paste (evalexception shows exceptions and lets you interact) TurboMail 3.0.2 (sends out e-mails) simplejson

Wp-reportpost - Wordpress WP-REPORTPOST Plugin Development

Simple but powerful plugin to help your website keeping clean and simple. This plugin allows visitors to report posts / pages for broken links, misleading / abusive contents, copyrights infringements and etc simply and fast. You have the full control on what to be reported and the areas to be reported. Once installed and activated, you will have the full control over where to display and what to display. This plugin uses jQuery / Stack to send Report using Ajax, this prevent pages from reloading