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Release automation script for jQuery projects




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Mk-labs - Mk Labs repositories

Work around Javascript, jQuery and jQuery UI. Plan to release handy utilities to jQuery Library and extend jQuery UI Widget library.

Jquery-presenter - jQuery-based Presenter

jquery-presenter plugin is in its quite early stages, but as Google Project Hosting page says Release early, release often, I am very happy to announce jquery-presenter 0.6 release. You can create web-based slide show presentation using this plugin. More to come soon. Enjoy!

Jquery4wicket - jQuery4Wicket help you integrating jquery scripts and plugins in your Wicket web app

What is jQuery4Wicket ? JQuery4Wicket uses Wicket to integrate jQuery and jQueryUI packaged resources on your web pages when you need it. JQuery4Wicket makes you able to : Write jQuery script on-the-fly Use all jQuery functionnalities Use all jQuery UI widgets and UI extensions (Draggables, Droppables, Accordion, Datepicker ...) Use all jQuery Fx extensions Handle jQuery callback functions on the server-side Easily write your own JQuery4Wicket plugin based on an existing jQuery plugin How it wor

Jquery-gmaps-v3-plugin - jQuery plugin to interact with GoogleMaps API v3

This project aims to be the most simple and useful jQuery plugin for interacting with Google Maps API v3. It offers methods to allow users to draw polygons, lines and markers. In next releases it will support geocoding functions. The idea is to implement all the GMap API in a jQuery way.

Fancybox - FancyBox - fancy image zooming tool

jQuery plugin as alternative to Lightbox etc fancyBox2 is released!Please visit http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/ for more information

Alien-blog - Ajax blog

ajax blog with jquery The source of the ajax blog is not available yet, the first version may be release on 2011 demo http://alien9.com

Jquery-stream - Comet Streaming JavaScript Library

jQuery Socket 1.0 Alpha 1 is released! http://bit.ly/GFVwTKIn all respects, the jQuery Socket which is successor of the jQuery Stream is better than the jQuery Stream. Just use the jQuery Socket. https://github.com/flowersinthesand/jquery-socket The jQuery Socket project supports socket events, reconnection management, various transports, heartbeat, cross domain connections, mobile devices, acknowledgement of receipt, reply and various options to help you make modern web application using two-wa

Jquerycreator - A utility database module to create jdbc statement

JQueryCreator is a JDBC utility to help you to create jdbc sql statemenents. Releasesjquerycreator-1.1-SNAPSHOT web-site JQueryCreator-1.0 has been released download Maven 2 integration See the wiki page to integrate JQueryCreator into your Maven project.

Jquery-datepicker - A flexible unobtrusive calendar component for jQuery

The datePicker is a flexible unobtrusive plugin for the jQuery library which simplifies the task of entering dates into HTML forms (or any other places). Designed to be flexible and easily extensible it comes with many different examples of it's usage. The latest version will always be found in the subversion repository or on my site: http://www.kelvinluck.com/assets/jquery/datePicker/v2/demo/scripts/jquery.datePicker.js (the version in the download section is the latest release version but will