Logical Synchronous Circuit Simulator

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As part of a student project, we are trying to make a logic synchronous circuit simulator, with the ultimate goal of simulating a processor and a digital clock running on it.




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Bluetooth API for JOP is an implementation of Java Bluetooth API (JSR-82) for the Java Optimized Processor (JOP).

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The hope of this project is to create:1) JAVA library to be used in embedded devices such as;A) Space prototype robots using: Parallax Javelin Stamp JOP (JAVA Optimized Processor) - A hardware implementation of the JVM with short and predictable execution time of most bytecodes. Configured as a soft core in FGPA. B) Small electronic astronaut aid devices 2) JAVA library and GUI to be used on desktops, to allow complex calculation and visualization of Orbital Mechanics problems.3) Star, sun, and

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CimsonStill 欢迎�到 <<下��TeaTime>> !! 最近真的很多野忙orz 开�的Xith3D�游�, 用以交� 其实是�分希望�以抛砖引玉, �出一个开�的3D�游� 嗯嗯, Xith3D就是一个Java的3D游�引擎啦! http://xith3d.org 所以在这里感谢东感谢西, 感谢xith3d还是必�的, 以表尊�嘛 嗯嗯, 当然希望有更多噶对game有趣噶Friend加入, 你的�一行代�或者�一个idea在这里都会come true Email: gorebiill@gmail.com oswald

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JOPS is comprised of a particle system library and a java Swing editor. The file format consists of a zip file containing the xml description of the system, therefore making it really small, generally just a few KB's. I use JIBX for XML binding, making the loading and saving process really fast, even for more complex systems. Xith3D, a java 3D scenegraph, has integration code to support JOPS.

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