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Experimental developer documentation for software produced by the Joomla! project.



Related Projects

Joomla Docs

Joomla components documentation for 3rd-party developer Joomla components and other Joomla related subjects. Latest upload is 50 SOBI2 Joomla Web Sites, a showcase of 50 SOBI2 web sites with screenshots and descriptions of the add-ons used.

joomla-cms - Home of the Joomla! Content Management System

Ready to install Joomla?---------------------* Check the [minimum requirements]( * How do you [install Joomla](!)?* You could start your Joomla! experience by [building your site on a local test server]( ready, it can be moved to an on-line hosting account of your choice.Updates are free!---------------------* Always use the [latest version](http://ww

Mallkit - Open Source E-Commerce Extension for Joomla 1.5

This project is currently under active development. Please contact us at codemaster @ if you are interested in participating in this project. General features: Joomla 1.5 native Flash based backend interface for inventory management XML-RPC based APIs for external application, system or widget connectivity Support for PayPal payment gateway Product management: Short and long description Category and manufacture Title, price, weight, SKU, keyword, image per variation Featured Order ma

Mastercraft - Automate Software Development Process

MasterCraft is a tool aimed to automate development process. The goal is similar to that of Joomla content management framework but MasterCraft should be able to provide framework for reasonably complex business logic and dynamic contents. For any domain steps would be: 1. Finding design modules 2. Finding design problems 3. Finding design solutions / design patterns 4. Finding components 5. Integrate patterns and components to build frameworks 6. Automate the development process (automation fra

Jwcp - Working Copy of Joomla! Live Site

Introducing Working CopyAbstractThis is a kind of Subversion for Joomla! live site. Idea & BenefitsAdministrators usually work on their live site directly and sometimes they do mistakes as all people do. As a result, the live site gets messed after extension installation/uninstallation process and re-configuration. The idea is to have a working copy of the live site and make changes on it, then, if every


Versions are the versions in the different stages of the component in this series: