JooJoo Touch Provider for MultiTouchVista

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Provides MultiTouch input for FG's JooJoo



Related Projects

hammer.js - A javascript library for multi-touch gestures :// You can touch this

A javascript library for multi-touch gestures :// You can touch this


JSXGraph is a cross-browser library for interactive geometry, function plotting and data visualization in a web browser. It is implemented in JavaScript and uses SVG, VML or canvas. Multi-touch events are supported.


TISCH - Tangible Interaction Surfaces for Collaboration between Humans. This project provides libtisch, a C++ software framework for creating GUIs based on multitouch and/or tangible input devices.


Task manager iOS style (Beta 0.5.1)


OpenMT is an open source hardware project for developing multitouch applications. Unlike camera-based multitouch, OpenMT lets you make a thin, flexible multitouch surface. It is Arduino friendly and has been developed by Sensible UI in Seoul, Korea.


reacTIVision is a computer vision framework for the fast and robust tracking of markers attached on physical objects, and the creation of multi-touch surfaces. It was designed for the rapid development of table-based tangible user interfaces.

Multitouch-3d - Multitouch with an avanced 3D interface

Creating a generic multitouch 3D interfaceBased on a multitouch table, programmed in C# using .NET Multi user Flexible input resolution Flexible output resolution scaling / zooming

Multitouchsa - Open Source projects from Multitouch South Africa

Here resides all the code for open source software developed at Multitouch South Africa.