Just little strategy

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Just little strategy writen in C# using XNA Game Studio Now under development




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Oo-jdt - Operator overload for Eclipse JDT

just like the summary, is neccessary to do more description:) And I log it here

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JLS JXC System

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Jlsct - Automatic tester for circuits built using the JLS digital logic simulator.

JLSCircuitTester allows instructors to easily automatically verify the correctness of circuits built using the JLS Digital logic simulator (See http://www.cs.mtu.edu/~pop/jlsp/bin/JLS.html.) Go to http://www.cis.gvsu.edu/~kurmasz/JLSCircuitTester for the latest downloads.

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First test Subversion with Netbeans & Symfony

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IntroductionEver felt that the Java language is to verbose, requires to much boilerplate and is actually holding down your productivity? J-xtend features ways to improve conciseness, generates your boilerplate code and introduces higher-level language concepts. Interested? Release 0.1 is ready! Read more about it in the news section of this page. FeaturesEnhances the Java programming language without any changes the Java language (JLS3) syntax The compile time modifications are directed by 'keyw


A bot that tweets random JLS quotes from the Loggly Skype chan.


JavaScript event system that includes both a Pub/Sub and Emitter implementation.