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[OUTDATED!] This is all my most important projects i ever made



Related Projects

Jeremy-lujan - Code written by Jeremy Lujan and other contributors

Code written by Jeremy Lujan and other contributors

Castlesim - CastleSim

Andrew and Jeremy's attempt at a cool Castle Sim

Artemis - FrameWork providing an easy and efficient way to create virtual and augmented reality inte

Using Java and JavaCV, the goal of the ARTEMIS project is to provide a simple FrameWork to create virtual interfaces, and to add augmented reality on them. It will allow you to interact with plannar interfaces projected using a videoprojector and a videocamera, to create interactions. By : - GOUSSET Baptiste - NICOLA Jeremy ( )

Flexonjava - Flex on Java source code

This project contains the source code snippets and sample application for the book Flex on Java, authored by BJ Allmon and Jeremy Anderson and published by Manning Publications.

Webmytop - Web-based MySQL monitor

webmytop is a simple web-based MySQL monitor that uses PHP and jQuery to allow administrators to see queries running through MySQL. Inspired by Jeremy Zawodny's mytop - Funded by Disclaimer: Don't use this on the open web - you'll be sending your MySQL passwords out, and receiving confidential query details back. Use SSL or run it on a private network

Ezlive - Simple community web site architecture

That project is a simple architecture for building scientific community web sites such as SAT Live!. The initial code of that project was written by Jeremy Klups as a practical exam for a course in his Master degree at Université d'Artois.

Accounting-plus - AccountingPlus is a free accounting application.

AccountingPlus is a free, open source accounting application to aide you and you employees in cutting the costs of the standard $300+ accounting program costs. With AccountingPlus, you can effectively add employees, customers, vendors, products and extra users with minimal efforts. Your customers will receive custom invoices that you can design using standard HTML and special tags! Graphics were created jointly by Milosz Wlazlo ( and Jeremy Boyd (http://www.infinic

Networkrccar - A RC car controlled from a computer over a wireless network.

Control an RC car from a computer over a wireless networkA PLU CSCE Capstone project by: James Crosetto, Jeremy Ellison, and Seth SchwiethaleA demo of our car: Our Capstone presentation: Our first trial run, 04.27.09: An article on our project from the Spring Issue of PLU's magazine, The Scene:

Android-tablet-games - The code and examples from the Beginning Android 3 Tablet Game Programming Bo

This project has all of the code mentioned in the book. Feel free to use it and modify it as you want in your Android endeavors.

Ajaxtiddlywiki - A Clean Ajax/ServerSide wrapper for TiddlyWiki

AjaxTiddlyWiki is a net wrapper for Jeremy Ruston's TiddlyWiki. I know, of course, that there are many projects that allow TiddlyWiki to be edited online. None of them met my needs, however, because by moving online, they gave up the portability and lightness that TiddlyWiki naturally has. They tended to be rewrites of large areas of code, and were almost uniformly out-of-date. I decided to overlay internet functionality on the existing distribution of TiddlyWiki. It uses PHP to process ajax req