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A Jeopardy game board and scoring application so you can create and host your own game show. Great for office training, parties, etc.



Related Projects

Answers-and-questions - A Jeopardy-like Game

Software for creating and playing a Jeopardy-like game. (I am still trying to get the subrepositories to work right, so the current revision is broken.)

Peril - Peril is a clone of the television gameshow Jeopardy designed for use by educators.

Peril is an open-source clone of the popular game show Jeopardy, with its focus on allowing educators to quickly create, play, and share games.

P-t-l - Tool to register employees in jeopardy to leave the company

PTL will help us registering employees who are in jeopardy to leave the company. Also PTL has 2 more utilities such Reviewing employee data and creating an excel file with trends and graphics.

Ironquiz - A software system to host Jeopardy-like games.

Four software together creates the setup for a Jeopardy-like game. One server, one bigscreen, one client and an arbitrary number of pulpits for the contestants. Each contestant has a laptop with the screen turned away from them and then uses a mouse as a "buzzer". There is no support for "the final question".

Historyjeopardy - US History Jeopardy Game

I made this US History Jeopardy game using a flex jeopardy template for a school project.

OSU Quiz

This is a Jeopardy style teaching game written in Dynamic HTML using JavaScript. It may be modified for use on any topic as an entertaining teaching tool to reinforce previously learned material, or simply as a trivia game.

Wheel of Jeopardy

This is the repository for Wheel of Jeopardy project for Software Engineering 605.401.82 SU10 class.

Coryat Scorekeeper

A handy jQuery Coryat scorer for playing along with Jeopardy at home.

G-pardy - Jeopardy game using Google technology

For our Google Technology User Group, we will be using a Jeopardy like format to review Google I/O. We will also use this project as a way of showing how to use various Google technologies.