Jempol - Open Source SMS Gateway

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Jempol is a simple yet powerful and extensible sms gateway.



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Jsmsgateway - Java engine for SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway engine for sending and receiving message trough computer and gsm modem.

Oms-php - Outlook Mobile Service API lib for PHP

Project moved to GitHub Brings Outlook 2007 / Office 2010 Mobile Service SOAP API to PHP Sends SMS via OMS-compliant gateway. Usage: $myNumber = '79274445566';$myPassword = 'my-serviceguide-password';$recipientNumber = '79274445577';$text = 'Привед кро�афчег';$c = new OMS(new OMS_User($myNumber,$myPassword),'','');$m = new OMS_Message(new OMS_Bod

Sms-gateway-server - Web based SMS gateway server written in Python

What is it?The SMS Gateway Server is an application that runs a HTTP server that accepts requests to send SMS messages. The messages are queued by the application and sent by writing AT commands to a GSM modem (or handset) that is connected to the computer. The web server provides a HTML form for sending SMS messages which allows shared access to message sending, but is also intended for applications/scripts to be able to send SMS messages (i.e. a warning alert sent from a script that monitors a

Textmagic-sms-api-perl - Perl interface to textmagic sms api

Perl interface to textmagic sms apiThis is a Perl interface to the TextMagic SMS API: Use the same API commands : send send SMS command account check account balance command message_status retrieve SMS delivery notification receive receive incoming messages delete_reply delete incoming messages check_number check phone number No need to configure Callback URLs. The response are Perl variables that e.g. can be put in a database or processed in your CRM. EXAMPLE Send th

Textmagic-sms-roundcube-plugin - A Roundcube plugin to send SMS with your TextMagic account.

DescriptionA roundcube plugin to send SMS with your textmagic account from TextMagic. This project use the textmagic-sms-api-php project to have access to TextMagic. The project contains no stable version at the time. At the time the all users use the global TextMagic account configuration! See Issue 1 Open Issues Quick Start GuideDownload an configure Create an account at Checkout latest source code, the plugin name have to be textmagic_sms sv

Smsgatewayforschools - SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway for sending notifications to students via SMS.

Textmagic-sms-api-python - Python interface to the TextMagic bulk SMS API

TextMagic offers a quick, cost-effective way to send text messages from any computer. This package provides a simple Python API on top of the TextMagic HTTPS API; which is a web-based interface to the SMS functionality. InstallInstall using easy_install: easy_install PyTextMagicSMSOR manually: download it from unzip the downloaded file change into the PyTextMagicSMS-x.x directory run as follows python installPyTextMagicSMS depends on o

Routingcomponent - Routing Component SMPP

SMPP gateway to interconnect to SMPP operator for SMS management