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Sample programs in the isCOBOL dialect of object-aware and object-oriented COBOL, which focus on integrating functionality from the Java APIs into COBOL.




Related Projects

Cobos Project

The Cobos Project is an Open Source initiative from Metrixware, dedicated to Mainframe COBOL CICS, DB2, IMS developments within the Eclipse Platform.

COBOL copybook to XML converter

CB2XML (CopyBook to XML) is a COBOL CopyBook to XML converter written in Java and based on the SableCC parser generator. This project includes utilities to convert an XML instance file into its COBOL copybook equivalent string buffer and vice versa.


Add-on for the WSDL2... utility from the Apache Axis project, this utility will read WSDL files and generate COBOL copybooks and source code appropriate for marshalling and unmarshalling XML messages.

Legstar-xsd2cob - Translates XML schemas to COBOL

Translate XML schema to COBOL structure Input XML Schema can be standalone or embedded in a WSDL. Also translates Java to COBOL structures.

Cobol and RPG data reader and converter

cobol2j reads or writes COBOL or RPG data files imported from mainframes, AS/400 or Baby/36 environment. Packed decimal, zoned or packed date fields decoding included. EBCDIC conversion. ETL ISAM data to any other platform. PC Cobol ( ASCII ) supported.

Legstar - Mainframe Integration

LegStarLegStar is an open source mainframe integration solution. It provides Ant and Eclipse based design time tools as well as a java based runtime. Documentation and downloads are on the LegStar site. Source code is on Google code svn. Issue tracking is on Google code issues. Follow us LegStar Blog. Help support the project on Ohloh

Rpglets-controller - Server Based RPGLE "servlet"/RPGLET programs, No CGI!!!

Enables RPGLE/COBOL developers on the System I/ISeries/AS400 to write servlet like programs using a System I programming language of their choice. Dependant on the following RPG Next Gen Properties Web Servlet Container 2.3 I use Apache Tomcat Server 6 An IBM Toolbox for Java. You can use the JTOpen on Sourceforge compatible with the version of your System I, operating system Python for java version 2.5+ jython installer A Complete Hello World Program looks like this HBndDir('RPGSERVE') Dmain PR

Newhall - Newhall Simulation Model

The Newhall ModelNewhall is a Java implementation of Franklin Newhall's model for soil moisture regime determination. This implementation stems directly from the Wambeke BASIC version of the Newhall simulation model, which was a BASIC reimplementation of the original COBOL version. The model functions by taking temperature and precipitation data from a point location, interpreted as monthly averages, and simulates the behavior of the moisture profile. It functions off the concept of horizontal m

Flapjack - A Java Flat File Record Parser

What is Flapjack!?Flapjack is the PREMIER flat record parser....yea right..... for all I know there is a better flat record parser out there. This project has really materialized into a learning exercise on how complicated flat record parsing really can be and how I approached it. If you encounter any bugs or feel there needs to be some enhancement, just create an issue. If you have some questions about flapjack checkout the frequently asked questions (FAQ). Thanks, Happy Parsing :0) Current Fea

Sorca - Simple Opensource formatter for Raw Cobol Area

Cobol files formatter for J2C CICS/IMS Java Data Binding. A tool to format txt/cbl files for using with RAD/RSA's CICS/IMS Javaâ„¢ Data Binding wizard.

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