Java-longfastbloomfilter - longer faster bloom filter

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This is a Bloom Filter implemented in Java. Key Features: Most Java bloom filters use Java's BitSet class, which has a maximum number of bits allowed of Integer.MAX_VALUE. This bloom filter uses a custom class named LongBitSet, based off of Java's BitSet class, which allows for a maximum of (Integer.MAX_VALUE * 64) bits. The LongBitSet class also strips out unnecessary operations contained in the BitSet class. Uses extremely fast 64-bit Murmur Hash. Easily customizable to use more memory to speed up add's and lookup's. Intended Usage: long n = 1000000; // expected number of elements\t\tdouble falsePosProb = .01;\t\tLongFastBloomFilter longFastBloomFilter = LongFastBloomFilter.getFilter(n, falsePosProb);String element = "Element";longFastBloomFilter.add(element.getBytes());...if (longFastBloomFilter.contains(element.getBytes())) { System.out.println(element + " probably exists, but there is still a chance that this is a false positive");}



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