coffeescript - Unfancy JavaScript

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If you have the node package manager, npm, installed:```shellnpm install -g coffee-script```Leave off the `-g` if you don't wish to install globally. If you don't wish to use npm:```shellgit clone coffeescript/bin/cake install```



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Coffeescripthandler - A Http Handler for service coffee script files in Asp.Net applications

CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. CoffeeScript Handler is a Http handler that accepts requests for coffeescript files (.coffee extension) and returns the result of compiling the requested file. Usage1. Add a reference to CoffeeScriptHandler.dll 2. In the web.config file add the following entity to the <httpHandlers> <add verb="*" path="*.coffee" type="CoffeeScript.CoffeeScriptHandler,CoffeeScriptHandler"/>LimitationsThe cu