Jasc (just another script compressor)

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Just another script compressor, and that's by far the easiest to use! Use Jasc to merge compress your javascript (JS) and style sheets (CSS). Jasc is meant to be simple yet effective: just drop the executable in your javascript / CSS folder and run it. Voyla! It will handle ev...




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JAnimationShop -The Animation Editor

JAnimationShop is a Frame Level Animation editor with a good set of Advanced features. Designed to function similar in many ways to the award winning AnimationShop from Jasc now acquired by COREL. blog - http://techniche.blogspot.com

Jbrout - Photo manager which try to use standard exif/iptc and xml to handle your photos

jBrout is a photo manager, written in python/pygtk under the GPL licence. It's cross-platform, and has been tested on GNU/linux and windows XP/2k. jBrout is able to : manage albums/photos (= folders/files) tag photos with IPTC keywords use internal exif jpeg thumbnail comment photos (with jpeg comment) and album (textfile in folder) rotate loss-less jpeg (and internal exif jpeg thumbnail) use EXIF info (date, size ..) search pictures (tags, comment, date, ...) (a flash demo) use plugins (to expo

jasc - Just a Small Concurrency library

Just a Small Concurrency library

jasc-site - Just Another Snake Cult site

Just Another Snake Cult site