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Project to make an application for Jeugdondernemingen Aartselaar Service...




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skabargas m�jas lapa

Jasproject - Javascript Agile Suite

No longer/never maintained So, this project was started because I thought I had a need, but then realised I didn't really want to use IoC/DI in JS, and I never really got around to unit testing all that JavasScript. I was a fun couple of days, though, I really learned a lot, and I know of at least 1 person that's used some of this code (JasMock, and reused some of JasFac) so I feel it was a worthwhile bunch of hours I spent on this. If you can use it, great, but I've come a long way since I wrot

Abvs-frodo - HTML, Java excercises

m�jas lapas veidošana, bilžu apst�de


JAS is a java library for creating agent based simulations. It features a discrete-event time engine, APIs for network simulation design, powerful yet easy-to-use implementations of Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks.


Beta place for the JAS-application

Jas-theme - Theme development

This is my iGoogle theme workspace

Wordpress-draugiem-lapas-fani-plugin - Draugiem.lv biznesa lapu sekot�ju WordPress spraudnis ir par

Draugiem.lv biznesa lapu sekot�ju WordPress spraudnis ir paredzēts tiem draugiem.lv/lapas īpašniekiem, kuriem ir m�jas lapas vai blogs ir veidots uz WordPress platformas. WordPress spraudnis par�da draugiem.lv/lapas nosaukumu, aprakstu, lietot�jus, to skaitu, logo un iespēju kļūt par lapas fanu. Parametri: http://mediabox.lv/code/Draugiem.lv_Lapas_Fan_page/Latviski#Parametri Gaidīšu arī lietot�ju ieteikumus, koment�rus kļūdu paziņojumus ieteikumi(http://darbi.mediabox.lv/draugi

Mashup-ahuja-jas-projectone - hello

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Jp2k-distiller - PDF/TIFF To JPEG-2000 Distiller

JP2k Distiller is written in Python in order to manage the conversion of PDF and TIFF files allocated in a directory with a particular directory structure to JPEG-2000 format, in parallel manner. The script logs and emails every error and information and it can be easily configured via it's configuration file. JP2k Distiller is designed in order to efficiently handle conversion of very large amounts of files, exploiting server multicore technology. For conversion and compression backend engine u

Twilio4j - Java library for creating state machine call flows for Twilio

twilio4jAs of April 30, 2012, the twilio4j java library contains two parts, but is still a single jar file. Part 1 is the Twilio state machine lib, which has always been part of twilio4j. Part 2 is the Twilio java client library, which has been added so that we have a java client lib that can be used on Google AppEngine. Part 1 is the Twilio state machine library which allows you to create call flows easily in java. You can install one servlet and implement your code that reacts to Twilio callba