Aplicações Extensíveis com ASP.NET MVC

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Demonstrações em como implementar aplicações extensíveis com ASP.NET MVC 2




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Sonar-media-server - Sonar - A Media Transcoding and Streaming Server

DescriptionIn a few words, Sonar is a media server. You just choose which musics, videos or pictures you want to share and, by using the Sonar Universal Protocol (SUP), you can enjoy any of your shared media files through a áµ’streaming player, a áµ’client or a áµ’browser. SUP also offers ways of retrieving a list of your shared files (xml or html). Besides, you can request for a transcoding of your media files. Looking for more info? Feel free to ask us (but, please, check the documentation fir

jambo - Jambo - A little Android Framework for Games

Jambo - A little Android Framework for Games


A bootloader and C++ kernel for x86-64


a forked/hacked version of the Habari plugin Jambo that works with Defensio and uses formUI. Needs to be worked back into the main repo at some point.

grunt-init-jambo - Grunt init script for boilerplate creation

Grunt init script for boilerplate creation

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