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IntraWeb XII Demos

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Intraweb Active Directory Authentication Demo

A simple demo created using Delphi 7 and Intraweb 9.0.42 with the Active Directory Helper interface to authenticate a user to Active Directory. The information and files for ADSI that I used can be found at :

Tiny-intraweb-pack - Tiny component package for IntraWeb

FM SOFT IW Tiny Component pack version 1.0.1 This tiny pack contains two IW components: TIWFMTabControl and TIWFMComboBox. Compile and install the package and run Demo.dpr TIWFMTabControl is a descendant of TIWTabControl with better looking tabs. TIWFMComboBox is an editable ComboBox Components are tested on Delphi versions 2007, 2009 and 2010. IW verions prior to 9.0.42 are not tested. Known problems: TIWFMTabControl IDE designers don't work as intended. It must be a problem with IW default des