Unicode IVS Add-in for Microsoft Office

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"Unicode IVS Add-in for Microsoft Office" makes Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 capable to load, save and edit documents contains Unicode IVS.




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Chinese2pinyin - Convert Chinese HanZi to PinYin,and can get out the chinese hanzi's abbreviate.

During my project , I need convert Chinese HanZi to PinYin & abbreviate. 'chinese2pinyin' is based on pinyin4j which on the sf.net .

Hanzi2tghz - Converting Hanzi to Hanzi with Tones

hanzi2tghz (Hanzi 2 Tone Graphed Hanzi)hanzi2tghz takes Hanzi(汉字)and searches through a dictionary to find the tones for each word or character. This is then used to automatically generate a Word file or LaTeX code that puts tone graphs above the characters. UsageDownload the hanzi2tghz executable Download the UTF-8 version of the Dictionary, and extract Run hanzi2tghz and load the dictionary file, if it is in a different directory Select a tone corrections file, if needed (see ToneCorre

chinese_pinyin - translate chinese hanzi to pinyin

translate chinese hanzi to pinyin

Pycjkv - python cjkv extension library

A collection of libraries, which help python programmer who heavily involved with east asian text processing, especially hanzi(kanji, hanja-- chinese characters). About this projectsee Introduction Modulesutf8A subclass of builtin str type, with utf-8 recognizability and special methods for utf8 string details... cjkvA subclass of utf8 type, with cjkv specific functionalities Hanzi comparison according to radical order and character set area infos retrieval of radical info details...

Hanzitrainer - Aprendiendo Hànzì

Hanzi Trainer es un conjunto de herramientas para ayudar al aprendizaje y memorización de los caracteres chinos (汉字,Hànzì). Dada la complejidad de este idioma, siempre es útil disponer de alguna herramienta que gestione nuestro nivel de aprendizaje, y que nos ayude en lo posible a recordar caracteres, y a trabajar en aquellos que son más fáciles de olvidar. Ese es el objetivo de Hanzi Trainer. Espero que te sea de tanta utilidad como para mi lo ha sido ;) Nota: existe otro programa,

Hanzi Recognizer

Chinese handwriting recognition and Chinese-English dictionary.

Cjkmobile - CJKmobile is a language learning j2me application for Chinese,Japanese , and Korean comm

DescriptionThis project aimed to introduce a simple Java mobile language learning application to show up an image with the strokes order for a specific character. CJKmobile supposed to be portable and suitable for any mobile supporting Java MIDlet2. The images collection set exported from "Stroke Order" project to produce printable black and white images showing common or specific to china stroke order of Hanzi/Kanji/Hanja , however we use a modified version of this collection where the file nam


Davepy is a Chinese Pinyin Input Method Editor (IME), which supports smoothly converting from Chinese Pinyin to Chinese Hanzi. In which some statistic language modeling approaches are introduced and some NLP technique will be added into it continually.

Han2pinyin - 汉字转��拼音的java类库

介�汉字转��拼音的java类库 支�UTF-8�GBK等多�字符集 Jar�有82.9K,支�4万多个汉字