C# [ISO] image creator

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C# iso image creator is a library that provide to create iso(9660) image (don't word with audio cd), of CD/DVD




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A C preprocessor is a part of a C compiler responsible for macro replacement, conditional compilation and inclusion of header files. It is often found as a stand-alone program on Unix systems. ucpp is such a preprocessor; it is designed to be quick and light, but anyway fully compliant to the ISO standard 9899:1999, also known as C99. ucpp can be compiled as a stand-alone program, or linked to some other code; in the latter case, ucpp will output tokens, one at a time, on demand, as an integrate


IEEE1394Diag is a GUI application that presents a graphical view of an IEEE1394 network and provides the ability to perform common 1394 operations such as async reads, writes, isoc listens and talks, as well as configuration rom browsing of all nodes pres


Mathematical library for x86 processors with maximum possible perfomance. Work with almost all modern compiler and OS. _IEEE_, _SVID_, _XOPEN_, _POSIX_, _ISOC_ conformant. Consist from two pieces: for generic x86 and for pentium pro. In last case use ppro

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D interpreter for ISOC

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An ISO-C program to prove no string of bit's is unique and then makes a map of all the strings against the local OS.