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An API/application to assist with running and managing an Information Security Management System



Related Projects

Evalsmsi - Evaluation application for the Information Security Management System

evalSMSI is a web application, developed in PHP / MySQL, to evaluate the Information Security Management System for some entities.

Iweb - webapp tools set for iphone

webapp runs on iphone : 1.iNotes 2.iContacts 3.iSMS 4.iBooks 5.input method online version

Hazus-api - A Python API for the HAZUS-MH Earthquake Risk Assessment System

This is just a placeholder for now. There is no current development. HAZUS-MH is a free risk assessment software tool provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. HAZUS-MH contains a comprehensive earthquake loss estimation modeling system. The Python API for HAZUS-MH Earthquake will allow programmatic access to create HAZUS study regions, import building inventory and hazard maps, run analyses, and export results. Another project goal is to support configurable "remote control" analyses


chaRME is a web based open source Risk management engine, which currently supports the steps necessary to implement and maintain an ISO/IEC 27001 compliant Information Security Management System. It also supports the international payment card standard P

Test-analytics - Test Analytics

Test Analytics is a web application that allows rapid generation of a project's ACC model -- an alterative to a test plan that is faster to create and of more practical value. This decomposition of the product allows a easy way to visualize project risk across project capabilities. In addition, Test Analytics supports importing quality signals -- tests, code changes, and bugs -- to quantify risk and map it across your project's model. This gives a bird's eye view of the risk associated with all


LARS (Lightning Assessment of Risk for a Structure). LARS is a simple tool for the lightning assessment of risk for a structure, according to standard IEC 62305-2, first edition.

CORAS Risk Assessment Platform

Platform for risk analysis of security critical IT systems using UML, based on the CORAS model-based risk assessment methodology. Contains an XML and UML repository, facilitating management and reuse of analysis results.

Osp - Online Student Profile

Online Student Profile is an early warning system designed to improve retention rates among high-risk students in higher education institutions. It includes many different features for students, instructors, and counselors, including: Students Complete Personality Type and Learning Style assessments Complete surveys View Personality Type and Learning Style assessment results View survey results View current enrollments Instructors and Counselors View a student's current enrollments View a studen