Islamicsoft All in One Quran, Hadith,Prayer and Azkar

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Easy to use and fully compatible with the operating systems ????? ?? ????????? ? ????? ??? ?? ????? ??????? Account prayer times for 252 countries and 9511 City ???? ????? ?????? ?? 252 ??? ? 9511 ????? Equations for calculating accurate prayer times and take full control...



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Zeus cart - shopping cart software

Zeus Cart is an incredibly stable & richly-interfaced, open source shopping cart and it's a simple E-commerce software package which allows, even a non-technical person to open an online store on the Internet, with minimal efforts. Zeus Cart includes a number of marketing-tailored features that can help you increase your online sales, promote repeat purchases, and boost customer satisfaction.


A web-based bug or issue tracker written using ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server (SQL Server Express too). Probably has all the features you need. Easy to setup. Power and flexibility when you need it. Learn more at


newLISP for BSDs, LINUX, MacOS X, SunOS and Win32: small, fast 350+ functions, a -C-, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, ODBC, TCP/IP, UDP, XML, Java interface, string processing, regular expressions , math, financial, statistical functions, Win32 DLL


Linkchecker features: - recursive and multithreaded checking and site crawling - output in colored or normal text, HTML, SQL, CSV, XML or a sitemap graph in different formats - HTTP/1.1, HTTPS, FTP, mailto:, news:, nntp:, Telnet and local file links support - restrict link checking with regular expression filters for URLs - proxy support - username/password authorization for HTTP, FTP and Telnet

Sabily - Operating System for Muslims

Sabily is a open source operating system designed by and for Muslims. It is based on the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution and has pre-installed packages for the Arabic language. With Sabily, Muslim users have “out of the box” Islamic software and tools like Islamic calendar, Quran viewer, Islamic prayer times application and lot more.


Saffron is an extension to Java to incorporate SQL-like relational expressions. It features a pre-processor, a query optimizer, and a runtime library.

Arabic Keyboard

New Arabic Keyboard Layout based on ISLAM-91 Map, where Arabic letters correspond to Latin letters of similar pronunciation, which makes it much faster and easier to type. Example: the Arabic Letter Meem quot;مquot; can be typed by pressing quot;Mquot;. Islam Adel

Iou-library - An e-book library for students about Islam and related studies

This project is an initiation by Islamic Online University, to provide e-book library for all to learn about Islam. For more information, please visit : Islamic Online University

Islamdroid - Islamic Applications for Android

This project intends to build public Islamic applications that can help Muslims practice their religion at ease.