as3 game

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it's as3 framework . Context: UIFramework,GameFramework



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Jo-bridge - Jython-OSGi bridge

News- 03 August 2011: Added bridge implementation for Groovy in jo-bridge trunk - September 2010: Added ant support for Hudson integration GoalThis project provides a set of OSGi bundles to use the Jython interpreter within a OSGi framework. The main goal that the project aims is the complete interoperability between OSGi and Python. Another goal is to provide a simple OSGi architecture to embedd any Java based interpreter in a complex OSGi framework. ArchitectureThe following image shows the cu

Iscripts - script and application menu for TV2.0

Iscripts has been discontinued ... Updated Version is now SoftwareMenu

Systemappliance - A Plugin for the AppleTV

FeaturesLaunch application Launch script in various manners (fire and wait, fire and forget, exclusive) Reboot, shutdown & restart Finder from a nice menu Future workManage plugins: Add, remove, update AppleTV plugins Disable/enable plugins Reorder plugins (move up and down) in the main menu Disable/enable automatic Apple Software Update Software management: Download and install software like Firefox, Boxee, ... Download and Install "system" software like Flash, Java, WebKit and other frameworks

Extension-test-framework - Let you test your Firefox/Thunderbird extension from inside the applicati

DescriptionLet you test your Firefox/Thunderbird extension from inside the application and with command line with Rhino. How does it workVery simple, you could run it under Rhino JavaScript Shell or under Mozilla application from inside your extension code. Show me examplefile testExample.js function make() { return {\tlog:"Log",\tfiles: [1, 2, "3"] };}test.example = function() { assert.that(make(), is.eqJson({\tlog:"Log",\tfiles:[1, 2, 3]}));};produce following log testExample.js: example: Asse