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Sofia-ml - Suite of Fast Incremental Algorithms for Machine Learning. Includes methods for learning

sofia-mlThe suite of fast incremental algorithms for machine learning (sofia-ml) can be used for training models for classification, regression, ranking, or combined regression and ranking. Several different techniques are available. This release is intended to aid researchers and practitioners who require fast methods for classification and ranking on large, sparse data sets. Supported classification, regression, and ranking learners include: Pegasos SVM Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD) SVM Pa

Wp-mallow - Mallow theme for wordpress

This is my Mallow theme for the Wordpress blogging CMS. Mallow Readme OK, this is my first theme for WordPress 1.5 (previously 1.3) so please be gentle. Partially engineered from Kubrick, much code and all design by Matthew. Download Mallow | Mallow posts | Mallow Google Code | View the demo site If you need support for Mallow a good place to start is the Wordpress support forums, you can also try the Flickr Binar