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MSDN Webcast 中文网络广播

MSDN Webcast 中文网络广播

Java-training - Training examples, slides, animations

This project is an attempt to create a repository of Java training material including:1. Code examples2. Images3. Slides4. Animations that explain various Java concepts5. Webcasts

Blindside - Open Source Webcasting and Conferencing System

NOTE We have changed the name of the project to BigBlueButton and moved to

Chris-pirillo-dedicated-viewer - A simple app to view the Chris Pirillo webcast and RSS feeds.

A simple app to view the Chris Pirillo webcast and RSS feeds. I am writing this app so that i can watch the webcast while still doing other things. The Viewer currently supports: Viewing the webcast, Fetching and displaying RSS feeds Other functionality includes the option to minimize to system tray and stick the viewer on top. These is all the features i care about so i will probably never add more. The app requires .NET Framework 3.5 which can be found here:

Psas - Propaganda Streaming Audio System

About PropagandaPropaganda is a portable streaming audio system based on Linux. Everything you need to webcast live audio or pre-recorded content is stored on a self-contained CD or flash disk, so you can broadcast/webcast from anywhere that has a computer and a fast internet connection. LinksWiki MainPage BuildingCustomImages Mailing list: Google Groups - psas IRC:, channel #propaganda IRC Web client: Freenode Webchat Client

WCF Guidance for WPF Developers

This project includes a whitepaper, code samples and a short webcast series to help Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers work with WCF services. Topics: proxies, shared libraries, exception handling, concurrency, multithreading, hosting services, and REST-based.


一个游戏,参考MSDN Webcast 制作的,语言是VB A game, reference MSDN Webcast produced by the language is Visual Basic


[url:Donate me |] !! What's iReaper iReaper is a free tool which help people watching MSDN China Webcast. ! iReaper User Guide under construction

Boule - Webcast Chat

Boule - a single purpose only web system for user chat.