Alternative .NET component for IP2Location binary database access

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This library is a more convenient and faster way to work with binary geo IP databases from IP2Location service from your C# or VB.NET code.



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maptail is a realtime map view of GeoIP data


The Ruby gem for querying's GeoIP database, which returns the geographic location of a server given its IP address

IP2Location IP Country Redirection IP Country Redirection module detects the web visitor's country via their IP address and redirects to another page if that country has been blocked in the Country Configuration. You'll no longer have to manually block web visitors from certain IP address range.

Geo-ip-location - IP Geo Location Sample Code

Sample code for querying the free geolocation/geotargeting service

Rych-components - Rych Components

Ryan Chouinard's PHP ComponentsThis project aims to provide a set of reusable PHP components. The library currently provides the following components: Rych_Bencode - Simple to use interface for encoding/decoding bencoded data, most commonly used for BitTorrent's .torrent files. Rych_Gravatar - Provides an easy to use interface for generating Gravatar URLs with PHP. Rych_Ip2Location - Reads IP geolocation data from the binary database files available from All components are fully

Weather-info-firefox-extension - WeatherWidget

SummaryThe WeatherWidget extension shows local weather information. The extension locates the user on the basis of IP address and shows relevant weather information like temperature, humidity, cloud cover, an image to show the weather conditions, etc. DescriptionThe WeatherWidget extension shows the local weather information of the place where it has been put to use. The extension locates the user on the basis of IP address and shows relevant weather information like temperature, wind speed, hum

Iploc - PHP library to detect IP location by masks database

FeaturesImport IP locations masks from CSV to database Get coordinates, country and city by IP from local database Support MySQL and PostgreSQL Use compact database format < 150mb total data size Works very quickly < 5ms per request Result example: RecommendedGreat backup service with free 2Gb - Increase productivity by automated time tracking - RescueTime. Google Chrome extension PHP Console. Google Chrome extension JavaScript Errors Notifier.

Egeoip - Erlang IP Geolocation Module

THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED! See Erlang IP Geolocation module, currently supporting the MaxMind GeoLite City Database.

Ip2country-erlang - ip2country database parsing using erlang and mnesia

Loads the ip2country database into mnesia tables, and then performs lookups.

Geo-location - Geolocation, A Drupal&#39;s Module

Find the actual greographic information of users, integrated with Yahoo and Google Map.