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This is the second time for us to build something extraordinary



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Proto-q - An ECMAScript library facilitating sequential queuing and execution.

IntroductionWeb developers may struggle to manage the variety of asynchronous data sources within their application logic. Proto-Q alleviates this problem by creating a queue and processing each request sequentially without the need for nested callback functions. Introduction - Read about how proto-q works in the AllTests - See the unit tests/examples Documentation - See the docs Performance Test - See the inheritance pattern's performance against other popular models TODO: Currently working on

Webinject - Utility to tamper web pages

IntroductionWeb Inject is a utility that can be used to tamper a web page by injecting some java-script at run time. UsageFew days back I developed some interest for online games, quiz's and contests. I was keen to complete all the stages of the game. However the web side restricts the duration of play with a timer that runs behind. I sensed it was a client event, so I went ahead to write this utility where I can inject JavaScript code script that will pause the timer as long as I want. Now I se

Webgui-api - A sleek GUI designed for making web apps

IntroductionwebGUI API is a graphical user interface (GUI) interface application programming interface (API). This API is designed to make web application development an easier task. With this API you can focus on the functionality of the application before you worry about the design. FeaturesEasy Include This API can be included in any language by using the simple external Javascript include. <script type="text/javascript" src="js/webgui_api.js"></script>Browser Capability webGUI API was design

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