algorithm interview

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Write some code for programming interview questions



Related Projects

Requirement Heap

Requirement Heap is a web based requirement management /business analysis application. It allows to enter requirement in rich text, supports versioning and the management of requirements. It also handles use cases, interviews and test cases. It allows multiple projects. Stakeholders and glossaries can be handled per project or globally.


queXS is a web based, Open Source, CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) System. queXS integrates with queXML for creating questionnaires, LimeSurvey for collecting data and Asterisk for VoIP telephony.

Incremental Scanner/Parser

ipars is a generator for an incremental scanner and parser, together with a framework for generating an syntax-aware editor using InterViews.


A list of helpful front-end related questions you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore.

Recruitment-db - Recruitment Database

Database handing recruitment, interviews and resumes.

Hiring-manager - Software to help in hiring / recruiting, scheduling, workflow and collaboration

This software aims to ease the effort of hiring/recruiting personnel. You should be able to have a list of vacancies, add applicants, schedule interviews, have a nominal workflow among recruiters and interviewers. Somewhat on the lines of recruiterbox