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Internet Cafe App



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Momnet - MOM Internet cafe control

Internet cafe control for windows

Gbilling - internet cafe billing system

gBilling is a free software Internet Cafe Billing System, written in C and GTK2. gBilling are multi-platform (Linux and Windows), multi thread, and database oriented storage through SQLite.


A software solution for managing Cybercafes,register users,define a network,log client's internet traffic,define custom services and block client workstations according to the antiterror laws of Italy (Legge Pisanu 155/05) and of other countries.

Gibs - gambas internet billing system

GIBS (Gambas Internet Billing System) is a free software Internet Cafe Billing System, language Indonesia, written in Gambas and database using MySQL

Glossword - a dictionary management system

About Glossword is the software to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or encyclopedia. Contact | Glossword web-site Glossword - �то программа дл� �оздани� и публикации онлайновых мульти�зычных �ловарей, �нциклопедий, �правочников. Update Actual source code is hosted on GitHub: | RSS - Public Activity Glossword 1.9 Glossword 1.9 is component

Gamefreak - Controll PCs thourgh LAN, for Internet-Cafes and Lan-partys

This project is my high school programing project written in VB, it's based on a real place in israel. all the pictures and names in the program belong to Vgames magazine and for gamer in israel, please vist their site at

Smartcafesuite - An internet cafe computer timing software

Smart Cafe Suite is software that seeks to automate the timing of clients in an internet cafe. It can run on all O.Ss. This eases things, since cafe operators are not limited to Windows Or Linux software. Server username = Admin, Password admins.

Cafe - Internet Cafe Application

Cafe application is a ticketing application for use in internet cafes specifically in a workgroup network. It contains 2 installer files. 1. TicketServerInstaller.msi which should be installed on a system that acts a server in a workgroup. 2. TicketClientInstaller.msi which should be installed on a client systems in the same workgroup. Important Instructions After the client install, at the first run, the application will prompt for the server name which should be provided to run the application

Bios - Open Source Billing For Internet Caffe / Free Software as GNU say!

BiOS Baliwae, acronym from Billing Open Source Baliwae is free software and open source billing for internet caffe, especially that use GNU/Linux as operating system for their server and client PC. BiOS is licensed under GNU Public License (GPL) version 3. BiOS is a web based application, that developed using PHP, MySQL and other free softwares, running on web server like Apache or Lighttpd. BiOS main program are divided into two side, the operator side and client side. Client can know the time

internet-cafe - Internet access with a password

Internet access with a password