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Intercom is a comprehensive C# API wrapper library for accessing the Intercom.IO API



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Skypesloodlechat - Chat tra Skype e Second Life/OpenSim tramite Moodle/Sloodle

Chat in C# che consente di collegare una o più chat pubbliche di Skype con uno slodle prim Chat Web Intercom rezzato in Second Life o Opensim. Un server moodle/sloodle che gestisce la parte web in php è necessaria per fare da tramite.


Intercom.Net is a C# library that provides easy tracking of customers to integration with the CRM application. No need to learn yet another tracking

Virtual-pbx - XVB - Voice Application Server / HostedIVR solution based on asterisk

Download:Buld 6309 - latest VMWare image with asterisk 1.6 / yandex.disk Documentation ( russian ): User guide (6254) / Admin guide (6202) vmware image 6309 / mirror easy-share build 6057 ( with CentOS 6.2, asterisk 1.8.10, chan_dongle ) !!! Experimental !!! Older builds Main Features: Processing incoming / outgoing calls. Completely isolated environment for different users ( incoming / outgoing routes, dial plan, sip-endpoints, web-interface, cdrs, call-recordings, etc ). Custom greetings suppo

Motorcycle-Intercom - The Fritzing design for my motorcycle intercom

The Fritzing design for my motorcycle intercom

intercom - WordPress Intercom Plugin

WordPress Intercom Plugin

IntercomPHP - A simple PHP wrapper for Intercom's API

A simple PHP wrapper for Intercom's API