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Add License Validation, Product Activation, and Installation Keys to your .Net based application. Prevent casual copying and keep your customers honest. Similar to Microsoft style product activation where the product key is validated against an internet server.



Related Projects

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System for Windows

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) is a professional open source system to create Windows installers. It is designed to be as small and flexible as possible and is therefore very suitable for internet distribution. NSIS is script-based and allows you to create the logic to handle even the most complex installation tasks. Many plug-ins and scripts are already available: you can create web installers, communicate with Windows and other software components.

rsa-license-key - Key management tools for software licensing and activation. C++ and BSD license.

Key management tools for software licensing and activation. C++ and BSD license.

openiked - Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) daemon - portable version of OpenBSD iked

external repository adds all the portable extensions to run it onother supported platforms.The main development tree is found in the src/sbin/iked andsrc/usr.sbin/ikectl directories of the OpenBSD CVS repository:*** See also: portable version of OpenIKED uses the GNU autoconf environment tobuild and install from the sources. As usual

Activatar - Product Key Activation System

Product Key Activation system similar to Microsoft products. Generate Product Keys and provide Software Activation based on RSA asymmetric encryption.

WiX Toolset - Windows Installer XML

The Windows Installer XML (WiX) is a toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code. The toolset supports a command line environment that developers may integrate into their build processes to build MSI and MSM setup packages.

katello-installer - Install and installation management tool for Katello.

Install and installation management tool for Katello.

chrome-stay-fresh - Chrome extension to reload tabs programmatically via HTTP requests

which accepts HTTP requests on port 7700 and notifies the Chrome extensionwhen those requests are made. The extension itself maintains a list of"listening" tabs which are automatically reloaded (i.e., "refreshed")whenever the **native messaging host** receives a `GET /reload HTTP/1.1`request.This extension is meant to accompany the[vim-stay-fresh]( Vim plugin and/orthe [vim-hooks]( Vim plugin. Much likebacon, eggs, and toast,


This is using Ubuntu 10.04+**Installing the Tools**:```apt-get install python-setuptoolseasy_install pippip install tornadoapt-get install gitapt-get install nginxpip install supervisor```If git doesn't work then: `sudo apt-get -y install git-core`**Setting up your Github Account**:```cd ~/.sshlsssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""vim```Copy the public key, paste it into your GitHub account SSH Key section, then try:```ssh -T```**Create Directory**:```mkdir /srv/wwwmk


Continuous integration with [travis]([![Build Status](](* GNU build system (autoconf, automake, libtool)* [Snappy](* [Doxygen]( autoreconf --install ./configure make make checkAPI documentation can be generated with `doxygen`.Installing----------


* Python* Python json lib (pip install json)* Python ldap lib (pip install python-ldap)** You will need gcc installed for this* Python httplib2 (pip install httplib2)* Pysolr (pip install pysolr)* Flask (pip install flask)* LWS 2.6 ( and it's system requirements* Twitter API authorization (see and * You will need your access key, consumer key and related tokens

spree_email_promotion - Email activated promotions for the Spree ecommerce platform.

Extension to enable email activated promotions for the [Spree ecommerce platform][1].Installation------------Add spree_email_promotion to your Gemfile:```rubygem 'spree_email_promotion', github: 'mushishi78/spree_email_promotion'```Bundle your dependencies and run the installation generator:```shellbundlebundle exec rails g spree_email_promotion:install```Usage-----The promotion rule 'Email Activated' is provided to be applied to promotions that you wish to activate by email. A form can be found

Enchanted Keyfinder

is a Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder fork. It is a utility that retrieves the product key used to install Windows from your registry or from an unbootable Windows installation. It works on Windows 9X, ME, NT/2K/XP, and Vista/Win7 and for other software.

Cold Metal

A Bare Metal Universal Provisioning Toolkit supporting Redhat/anaconda and Solaris(PXE and Sparc) OS Scripted Installation and Post-Install provisioning, hooks into existing OS tools and extentions. Focus is on automation for turn-key installations.

Pebble - Java EE blogging tool

Pebble is a lightweight, Java EE blogging tool. It's small, fast and feature-rich with unrivalled ease of installation and use. Blog content is stored as XML files on disk and served up dynamically, so there's no need to install a database. All maintenance and administration can be performed through your web browser, making Pebble ideal for anybody who is constantly on the move or doesn't have direct access to their host.

App-perlbrew - Manage Perl Installations in your $HOME

perlbrew is a program to automate the building and installation of perl in an easy way. It installs everything to "~/perl5/perlbrew", and requires you to tweak your PATH by including a shrc/cshrc file it provides. You then can benefit from not having to run 'sudo' commands to install cpan modules because those are installed inside your HOME too. It provides multiple isolated perl environments, and a mechanism for you to switch between them.

module-install-extratests - Module::Install extension for non-installation tests stored in ./xt

Module::Install extension for non-installation tests stored in ./xt

PEAR Framework - reusable PHP components

PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. It has all categories of components from DB access, security, xml parsing, encryption etc.

django-filepicker - A django plugin to make integrating with even easier

1. Install the python package: pip install django-filepicker 2. Add your file picker api key to your file. You api key can be found in the [developer portal]( FILEPICKER_API_KEY = <your api key> 3. Configure your media root. CWD = os.getcwd() MEDIA_ROOT = os.path.join(CWD, 'media') 3. Add a filepicker field to your model and set the upload_to value. fpfile = django_filepicker.models.FPF

Mission Control / Expose Clone W7

Windows "Expose" w/ "Mission Control" like piles


SongketMail is a project to create a customize installer for installation of email server that Used rpm packager and yum. This rpm spec and yum will make it easy to download and install numbers of open source software that will make an email server work.