Inno Setup For .NET Application

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This is a simple inno setup for .net developer



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Inno Setup Unpacker

Unpacker for installations made by Inno Setup


ISTool is a visual script editor/generator for Jordan Russell's Inno Setup compiler.

Pydev-pack - A Python Developer Package for Microsoft Windows

All you need for programming Python on Microsoft Windows in one installer. The most common libraries, dependencies and DLLs. Just download and run. List of packages included in this release: Subversion ( OpenSSH ( OpenSSL ( pyOpenSSL ( libusb ( PyUSB ( Open Komodo ( pyWin32 (

Tg2exe - Make TurboGears project to the Stand Alone Windows Application is a 'tg-admin' command line utility extension  which could help you converting the TurboGears project to an  Stand Alone Application on windows platform.Advantage--------------The benifit is you can use TurboGears' power to writeOff-line applications with web interface and AJAX.When the application is running, your computer host asa web server (Actually it is).Your user can quickly evaluate your application without installpython or related modules.Instal

Nullpomino - An action puzzle game

NullpoMino is an open-source action puzzle game that works on the Java platform. It has a wide variety of single-player modes and netplay to allow players to compete over the Internet or LAN. Current stable versionThe current stable version is 7.5.0, which has the following new features: Screen size option for Slick and Swing (320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, etc) "Dig Challenge" mode where garbage blocks will constantly rise More single player modes in NetPlay Much more stable NetServer New

Simpledbfbrowser - Free and opensource DBF browser/viewer

Simple DBF BrowserThis is a free and opensource application to view the content of dBase, FoxPro, and Visual FoxPro .dbf file. Supported Operating SystemBinary version can be run on MS Windows (tested on MS Windows 7). Python script can be run on any operating system with Python and GTK+ runtime installed. We only provide binary build for MS Windows because we don't have access to other perating system but MS Windows and Linux. Building on other operating system should be easy. We are looking fo

Obsessivecomp - ObsessiveCompulsive: A small, floating, transparent on-screen checklist for simultan

ObsessiveCompulsive is a tool intended to combine multi-step task documentation with an onscreen visual prompting aid. As a programmer, I try to automate as much as possible via scripts, but some things simply have to be done by hand. For example, issuing a release for me is currently a 23-step process, combining many automated subtasks with other manual steps and verifications.I previously used a paper printout of the release procedure as my reference. The problem was that I tended to skip step

Mp3recorder - simple pymedia-based mp3 audio recorder

This is a simple PyMedia demonstration project. WxWidgets (nee WxWindows) GUI built with wxPython Inno Setup installer for the py2exe-generated win32 executable

Cecode - xheavenlyx Projects with Crazyengineers

WelcomeThis is Varun 'xheavenlyx' D from (CE)! Come and join us to feel like an engineer and let your imagination go crazy! This base is used for distributing our software releases for Windows, Linux and Mac. For now we are growing and still looking for more experienced programmers. The downloadable executable are installers, made with Inno Setup. Your feedback is welcome. The remaining are for a new project. It will be moved to it's own place soon. ContactIf you have a re

Notepad2-mod - Notepad2-mod, a Notepad2 fork, a fast and light-weight Notepad-like text editor with

A modified version (fork) of Notepad2 based on Kai Liu's and other people's patches. Changes compared to the official Notepad2:Code folding Support for bookmarks Option to mark all occurrences of a word Word auto-completion Syntax highlighting support for AutoHotkey, AutoIt3, AviSynth, Bash, CMake, Inno Setup, LaTeX, Lua, NSIS, Ruby and Tcl scripts Improved support for NFO ANSI art Support for replacing Windows Notepad using a clean, unintrusive registry-based method Other various minor changes