InkML JavaScript Library

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The InkML JavaScript library allows InkML digital ink to be refernced within web pages and rendered directly into HTML5 tags. Ink Markup Language (InkML) is a W3C standard for encoding digital ink (



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InkML is a draft standard from W3C for representing digital ink data. InkMLTk provides a suite of tools for working with InkML documents. The toolkit contains InkML processor library, ink format converters, browser plugin and applications such as editor.

Inkanno - Application to generate annotations for digital ink

InkAnno is an GUI application written in java to create annotations for digital ink in InkML documents. The application was created for the annotation of such documents in AMI-Corpus as well as for the IAMonDo database. Its core model of InkML was externalized as library to the project libinkml.

Libinkml - Java library implementing the W3C InkML standard.

This library implements a java classes to represent the elements of the InkML standard as it is defined by the W3C in a working draft. The library is not thought to work stand-alone, but can be integrated in other application. Originally it was developed to access the InkML files of the IAMonDo database, a set of online handwritten documents containing differrent form of content. This database was created at the Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (IAM) of the University of Ber


The C++ implementation is a very minimal implementation of the draft InkML specification.


The C++ implementation is a very minimal implementation of the draft InkML specification.

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