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Ini4Net is a simple INI class for parsing INI files in your application. There are many INI solutions available around but non of them met my simplicity so I rolled-my-own. I have been using this since 2008 in several applications that are being used in the enterprise.



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Graph4upc - an simple graphing from specific pseudocode to make an easy testing

project ini dibuat untuk memudahkan dalam membuat graph dari pseudocode yang telah dibuat. sehingga dapat dapat dengan mudah dilakukan pengujian whitebox berdasarkan graph yang dihasilkan oleh aplikasi ini dalam project aplikasi ini akan di implementasikan berbasis web dan akan diimplemntasikan mengunakan tiga bahas web yang populer (Java, Php, dan

Settings4Net - The Ultimate Settings/Configurations Library for .NET

Settings4Net is the last library you will ever need managing your project's settings. Think it as a standard .NET Settings class "on steroids". Beyond obvious functionality of storing/retrieving your program/user settings - you can add various restrictions, default values, etc.

Kosimpin - Koperasi Simpan Pinjam

Koperasi Simpan Pinjam berbasis PHP. Menggunakan CodeIgniter sebagai framework. Target utama adalah aplikasi berbasis web yang ringan digunakan lewat akses internet gprs. Aplikasi ini untuk memudahkan pengurusan koperasi simpan pinjam dimana tidak setiap saat pengurus dapat melakukan transaksi secara tertulis baik transaksi biasa maupun laporan - laporan tabungan, saldo pinjaman, sisa hasil usaha. Untuk selanjutnya akan dibangun tampilan full browser untuk mendukung proses administrasi seperti e

J2dbparser - Data-processor inspired by .NET's LogParser

The goal of this project is to use SQL queries in processing data.It will support resources like log4j's log, xml, excel, Java source, SQL source, etc.Coding Horror: Microsoft LogParserIntroductionversion 0.0.3 only supports log files(using regular expressions) parse file based on rules and insert it into hsqldb usage: parser [-f <filename>] [-r <ruleName>] [-v] -f,--file <filename> file to process -r,--rule <ruleName> name of section in rules.ini -v,--version version of applicationparse file ba

Php-object-cache - PHP Object Cache written in PHP

PHP Object Cache is a Memory Object cache, implemented with PHP Sockets. It runs on PHP4 or PHP5+ and requires your PHP build to have sockets enabled. There are numerous memory caches available, that definitely will have better performance and implementation: However, they are not implemented in pure PHP, they require php extensions, and installing the object cache separ

Creech-launcher - Application Launcher

A simple application launcher that you keep in the root of your flash drive/external (whatever) to allow you to launch programs you regularly use that you have located on your flash drive. Currently working on:Connecting the client to a .config/.xml file so that you do not have to recompile every time you want to add/remove a program. Written with Visual Studio Express 2010 Edition. Requires .NET 4 or greater. Sample code: Private Sub Process() Try Select Case CheckedState 'Of course these are a

Phpd - The Pre-Forked Persistent PHP 5 Web/Application Server

THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED IN FAVOUR OF CORE phpd is a pre-forked persistent web/application server written in PHP 5 built using the APLC library and sporting it's own PHP extension (written in C) for handling HTTPS traffic that is around 8% faster than PHP streams. Note, that I am following RFCs with little to no regard to broken web browsers. However, I do make sure everything is working with the latest releases of Firefox and IE. phpd takes a modular approach to all aspects from request and r

Authnet-report - php reporting class for has a lacking set of reporting for processed credit card charges. Further, charges are not linked to batches. This project makes accounting for your charges easily. FeaturesSeparates batches into Visa/MC/Discover and Amex. This is how they post to your checkbook, so that's how we list them. This way the numbers line up nicely. Groups each week's numbers and lets you know how much your credit card sales are. We use this internally to keep an eye on sales progress, so I

Open-webkit-sharp - An open-source .NET library that wraps the WebKit engine

OpenWebKitSharp is a .net wrapper for the webkit engine based on the WebKit.NET 0.5 project. It adds more functionality to the 0.5 version and it provides more methods than that build. OpenWebKitSharp supports both the Cairo build (0.5) and the nightly builds of webkit (Nightly by default). In Version 1.5 Stable and more the nightly build is included and automatically copied after building. In earlier versions this happens with the cairo build. OpenWebKitSharp currently powers GTLite Navigator,

Globalban - GlobalBan - A Centralised Steam Ban Manager with MySQL DataBase in PHP and Python Events

GlobalBan v3.4.1 r129 (27/05/2010) Multilanguages (English / Spanish / French / Russian / German):This combination of es scripts and php scripts allows you and your fellow admins to ban players from ALL your servers in-game or out of game. All bans are stored in a MySQL database on your web server, no more need to mess with valve's banned_users.cfg file! I have encompassed as much as possible into the web front end as possible, much more will be added as time goes on. If you use steambans, then