Infancy (A Forum Application)

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A Forum Application Developed in MVC Framework



Related Projects


nds4droid is a free, open source Nintendo DS emulator for Android based on DeSmuME. It is currently in it's infancy but does support most of the features one would expect in an emulator.

Ccsim - Community Combat Simulator

The Community Combat Simulator project is a free combat flight simulator. The project is in its infancy. The building blocks of a physics engine with collision detection and response are being implemented.

Iamdb - IMDB API

IMDB APIAboutA simple and easy to use PHP based IMDB API. Simplifies searching IMDB for movies and retrieving information about movies. StatusThis project is still in its infancy and we are working furiously in our spare time to have a beta ready soon.

Felted - Java poker gui

FeltedA Poker GUI(This project is in its infancy and not yet functional) Felted is a general purpose poker GUI written in Java. It is the graphical front end only, and does not include any poker logic.

Ggsmeadow - Render farm management software.

An incubation program developed by Green Grass Studios to provide a variety of render farm management tools. This is a project very much in the infancy stage, but hopes to provide a very robust solution to the multitude of tasks involved with running a farm of computers.

Simplejsunit - A simple javascript unit test framework

A simple javascript unit test framework that focuses on readability and adaptability. The aim is to produce a unit test framework for javascript that operates more like the same for other languages. This project is in its infancy, so be nice...

Dutyfreepoker - Duty Free Poker is a peer-to-peer project for playing poker.

Duty Free Poker is a peer-to-peer poker project. It is in its infancy. See the MainPage in our wiki for more details. Work at the moment is focused on designing a DealingProtocol and specifying an XML PokerTableDescription. Comments and criticism are helpful.

Dinogotchi - A dinosaur themed virtual pet in the style of the old tamagotchi toys

Dinogotchi will be a fully functional clone of the original tamagotchi toys. At the moment this project is in its infancy. Check out the Introduction page for more information. Features: Hunger Health Fatigue Boredom poopness Actions of the player: Play with the dinogotchi Feed the dinogotchi Heal the dinogotchi Clean the dinogotchi Put the dinogotchi to bed

Gameplan - RPG Mapping

The goal for GamePlan is to have an application to generate maps for table top roleplaying games. The map maker will choose between grid types of square, hexagon, and isometric. The a map size is selected and an empty map is created. The user will then have painting tools to layout the background and a widget pallet to drag and drop items onto the map. StatusGamePlan is in the infancy stages and it not intended for general use. The Roadmap 0.3 version, which will have some simple widgets to drag

Connectome - Multi-scale Connectome Browser

Multi-Scale Connectome BrowserThe goal of the Multi-Scale Connectome Browser or MCB(mcb) is to construct a software system that generates interactive diagrams of brain networks at multiple levels of analysis. This is the project site for its development. MCB is still in its infancy. You can see a short clip of its alpha form online. Try itYou can run the latest version from your browser. You will be prompted to grant permissions to run the applet. Say yes to all prompts.