Improvements to std::future and Related APIs.

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The project codename "Indigo" is a prototype implementation of the N3634 and N3637 proposals to JTC1/SC22/WG21



Related Projects

Schollnick-programming - Software programs that are created by Benjamin Schollnick

Software programs that are created by Benjamin Schollnick... Including the Indigo Restful (Python) API Wrapper, the Indigo Security Applescript Attachment Script, and other various applications. More details on these applications are available on my blog:

Dingo-php - Indigo libraries PHP extension

The aim of the project is to make all Indigo functions accessible from PHP. Currently Dingo and Cano are supported. Dingo is the powerful and fast 2D molecule render library. Cano is the fast SMILES canonicalization library.

Indigop2p - A full-featured .Net peer-to-peer library

Indigo is a full-featured Peer-To-Peer (P2P) library written in C#.It is intended to compile on both MS and Mono platforms The Indigo network is compatible with Gnutella2


Soya is an open-source implementation of the SSDL specification, built on top of the Windows Communictaion Foundation (WCF) (formerly Indigo). it provides a programming model and runtime environment for creating and enacting SSDL contracts.

Tcc-dsl-2011 - Projeto de meu TCC envolvendo DSLs

Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso - Criação de uma gramática para geração de código utilizando DSLs Nome: Thales Eduardo Nazatto Orientador: Prof. Dr. Frank José Affonso Ferramentas utilizadas: Linguagem de Programação - Java IDE - Eclipse 3.7 Indigo Frameworks - XText 2.0.0 Sistemas Operacionais - Windows 7 / Ubuntu 11.04 Sistemas de versionamento - TortoiseSVN / RapidSVN Configuração do PC: DELL Inspiron 1525 - Core 2 Duo T7250@2 Ghz - 2 GB RAM

Indigo-library - Opensource library for Flash development

The Indigo Library is an opensource Flash library and is part of the Indigo Framework ( The Indigo Library is used by clients like O'Neill, Volkswagen, Bavaria, Audi, Vodafone, ID&T & Canon. It's work in progress and will be updated on frequently base.

Hunspell4eclipse - Hunspell integration for Eclipse Spell Check Service

OverviewHunspell4Eclipse is an Eclipse plug-in, that integrates the Hunspell spelling tool as an Eclipse’s Spell Checking Service. This plug-in is capable to spell checking with any Hunspell dictionary. Hunspell4Eclipse embeds NO dictionary Today, this plug-in is fully fonctionnal but it remains in a beta stage, look at the complete documentation here. For detailed news, visit the News page. Version 0.8.6 (11/06/2011) has been tested with Eclipse Helios (3.6 SR2) and Eclipse Indigo (3.7) using

Indigophp - Codegen PHP

Take care to generate PHP interface. Provides option for creation of entities (tables) to mysql. It also offers the creation of forms of collection / maintenance of data, and a listing file with SQL code to connect the bank, inclusion, modification and removal of records. Want to implement a generator for style sheets (CSS). Gerador de interface CUID para PHP. Oferece opção para criação de entidades(tabelas) para mysql. Também oferece a criação de formularios de coleta/manutenção de dad