IN5I11 openGL

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IN5I11 openGL



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Verman - chips & bits [Hector Morales Piloni programming demos]

Android Compass (Magnetometer) demo (March 2011) Simple compass demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator Android Accelerometer demo (March 2011) Simple accelerometer (3-axis graph) demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator XNA Stencil Shadows (June 2009) Hard Stencil Shadows using XNA 3.0 Requirements: XNA 3.0 DirectX 9+ XNA 3.0 Graphics Demo (June 2009) HLSL Shaders demo using the XNA

Gloss-mc - Gloss Media Centre frontend

Gloss is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the existing MythTV frontend. It is written in Python however uses the Clutter OpenGL framework with the intent of producing a visually richer interface than the existing MythTV frontend. 19/1/2009: Gloss has been on hold for a little while due to other commitments in my life and some serious breakage that occurred in the move to the Clutter 0.8.x API. Currently Gloss is now back up and running on the latest stable Clutter (Hopefully on unstable

Turboturtle - Logo compiler designed for high-performance Turtle Graphics using OpenGL

TurboTurtle was built to achieve the maximum possible performance for Turtle Graphics programs, for creating high-speed animations of fractals and geometric designs. The high-level computer language called Logo was created in the 1960s and used commonly in schools in the 1970s and 1980s. One of Logo's primary design goals was to be simple and easy to learn but also very powerful and capable of supporting complex operations. The simplicity of the syntax and the built-in Turtle Graphics capabiliti

Ld48jovoc - A collection of all my games made for LudumDare contests.

IntroductionThis is a collection of all my games made for the LudumDare 48 hour game programming contest, and similar contests like Speedhack and TINS. These games are mostly pretty rough but some are already quite fun. List of Games(bolded entries are the ones in this package) LD22: Aloneasaurus Rex LD21: Escape -- No Entry LD20: It's Dangerous to go alone -- Take This LD19: Discovery -- Planet Thing LD18: Enemies as Weapons -- Iron Reflex LD17: Islands -- Crater Galapagos LD16: Exploration --

Freetype-gl - OpenGL text using one vertex buffer, one texture and freetype

DescriptionA quick OpenGL/Freetype example for displaying a unicode text using a (single) vertex buffer. The idea is simply to tightly pack every necessary glyphs into a single texture and to generate a single vertex buffer to draw the text. The code is fairly simple and organized as follow: Mandatoryvector: This structure loosely mimics the std::vector class from c++. It is used by texture-atlas (for storing nodes), texture-font (for storing glyphs) and font-manager (for storing fonts). More in