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A Wizard / skripting extension for MSI based installers to improve the end user experience and add some none CA skripting features.



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Free Utils for Windows Mobile

This utility library contains a Visual Studio project with many useful code snippets which solve typical programming hurdles such as: * changing Volume level * keeping the back-light on * getting the device's IMSI and IMEI

Android-sitter - Antitheft software for your Android Phone

Antitheft software for Android Phones. Useful to recieve your stolen/lost phone. Can monitor sim card changes. Get the changed SIM-Telephone Number by SMS.

Ub0rapps - Some fancy android apps..

This project provides some useful android apps. TravelLogTravelLog is a one-click-app to log your buisiness trips making accountung very easy. OTPdroidAn One Time Password (rfc2289) implementation for the Android (Fork of It is used for logging into a (OTP enabled) system from an untrusted terminal by generating a password that is only valid for one login. Supports SHA1 and MD5. Option to store passphrase and challange (encrypted with IMEI (device) and IMSI (sim

Kazao-sms - Kazao Sms

Kazao Sms is a Java Sms Engine API to access GSM modem, CDMA modem or cellphone. Fiture: PDU or TEXT operation mode supported Simcard protected by PIN supported Custom SMSC number supported Sending, Recieving and Deleting message supported Long Sms, support recieving long message using several device (depend on plugin version) current plugin are supported Itegno, Billionton and Siemens M50. List all available operators and Register to an operator Device Info, including manufacturer, model, seria

Mokkula - Mokkula allows utilizing features provided by GSM modems

Mokkula is a program that allows you to control and monitor your 3G GSM modem. It's written in C# and contains an experimental UI in Gtk# and Windows Forms. The program enables you to use your device to save, send and store SMS messages on the SIM card, control the phonebook, monitor network status (transfer rates, signal quality). ModulesThe code is split in several modules: AtDevice - This is the module that contains code to communicate with GSM modem GtkControls - This contains user interface


A Text-To-Speech plugin for Anki