Improved ResX Files

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An attempt to create classes which parse an improved version of ResX files into .resources As most of us know, ResX files are very limited: * Only basic types are shown as strings (it'd be great to see lists and dicitonaries in non-binary format!) * Binary data (such as image...



Related Projects


Resx-Translator-Bot uses Google Tanslate to automatically translate the .resx-files in your .NET and ASP.NET applications.

Pyresx - Set of utilities for working with .resx files (.NET resource files) written in Python

Utilities: - converts .resx files (textual data) to XLIFF format. It scans source directory (--source option) and updates .xlf file(s) in the target directory (--target option) or creates new file(s) if it doesn't exist. - converts Microsoft Excel sheet containing translations into .resx files. python -s source-workbook.xls -t target/directory language codes

Nlsync - .NET projects localization helper tool.

This tool may be used to synchronize string resources defined in a set of .resx files and a single .xls file. For each supported culture you have a single .xls file. There are two modes: resx-to-xls: in this mode the tool synchronizes a culture specific .xls file with all .resx files for the default culture; xls-to-resx: in this mode the tool synchronizes a culture specific .resx files with the .xls file. See readme.txt in the package for more information.

XAML Localize

The objective is to extract strings from xaml file and generate resx file. The tool is integrated in Visual Studio.

Vertimas - A free and open RESX Translator

Vertimas is a tool for easy translation of RESX files in multiple languages. You can find Vertimas in the freenode IRC network under #vertimas.

Xaml Localization Tool

Xaml Localization Tool, a extension for vs2010. Help to generate .resx files from xaml. So you can use it in any application contain xaml, such as silverlight application, windows phone application and wpf application. Xaml本地化工具, vs2010的一个插件. 可以帮助你轻松从xaml中提取你要进行多语言化的数据,因此适用...

Resource Translator

A utility that allows you to quickly translate .NET resource files.

WPF Localization Extension

LocalizationExtension is a realy easy way to localize any type of DependencyProperties on DependencyObects in WPF / SL (.xaml and .cs) through .resx files.

WPF Localization Guidance

This project includes a whitepaper with code samples to help Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers localize their applications. The whitepaper compares LocBaml and classic Resx approaches with pros and cons.

Xls-localization-tool - Converts localizated resources from an XLS sheet to .resx or .properties fil

This tool helps with the maintenance of localized resources for .Net or Java projects. It allows you to edit the texts is an XLS sheet with one column per language. Your translator can work on this file, while you or your build script can use this tool to generate the localized files required by your project: RESX for .NET or .properties in UTF8 for JAVA. We use this tool with english, french and japanese texts in a GWT project but any language can be supported. xls-localization-tool can be used