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ImgUr.NET helps the new .NET programmer host images on ImgUr. Developed in Visual Basic 2010, it can be used using only one line of code! You don't even need to parse the XML, ImgUr.NET automagically extract the URL and gives it to you! You can also get raw XML to parse yourself.



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***This is the current status of how much of the Imgur Api set has been completed (Overall: __50/76__):* Account: __(10/29)__* Album: __(Done)__* Comment: __(Done)__* Gallery: __(11/18)__* Image: __(Done)__* Conversation: __(Done)__* Notification: __(Done)__* Memegen: __(Done)__This is the current status of authentication:* ClientId Authentication __(Done)__* OAuth 2 Authentication __(Done)__

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