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Translate !t

Translate !t translates Image/Text containing English, German, French & Spanish to many different languages using Bing Translator.

Himgb - Haskell IMaGe Board

A small imageboard written in Haskellgood: has threads, image/text replies threads are bumped when replying rudimentary sanity checks makes nice thumbs no calls to outside binaries or any evals anywhere * small - less than 200 lines of readable code * fast - compiled to machine code * automatically terminates if not finished in a reasonable amount of time * - the only image board on the market with this feature! to do: have it accept files other than jpegs fixed make threads expire fixed make it

Vbains-all-android-tutorials - A small effort to share my Android notes :)

I have decided to use Google Code repository for my all Android tutorials and applications I am going to develop, for learning purposes will be stored here. You are free to download and use the code @ your own risk. This is just a little effort to share my little knowledge on Android. This project contains pointers to all my tutorials and sample code stuff. From here you can just click on a project and go and use it Tutorials are:- 1. Gradient Background 2. Setting image as a Background 3. Downl

belle - An image/text compositor

An image/text compositor


A simple project demo the ability of CoreText API in a image-text mixture layout

imagetext - Show text parts of image files

Show text parts of image files

EasyFaceDetectionAnimation - Core Image FaceDetection with simple animation image+text for #IDOC2012

Core Image FaceDetection with simple animation image+text for #IDOC2012