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This is a high performance, high extensible web server writen in ASP.NET C# for image automative processing.



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Cyberfloralouisiana - CyberFlora Louisiana

This is the information about technical aspects of the CFLA Project.

Fits-server - Tools for managing astronomy data in FITS form

A tool for depositing FITS (astronomy data) files onto a web server and making it available for search and download.

Biodiversity-imageserver - Web portal to house and manage biodiversity images.

This is a project that was developed in conjunction with the Cyberflora Louisiana project and is made available as is. Main features of the the web portal are: Web service for serving local or S3 images Managing the storage of specimen images Graphical Portal for Administrating Graphical Widgets for easy inclusion on public websites Learn More >>

Imageserver - Very simple imageserver

Very simple imageserver

imageserver - basic imageserver with flexible imagemagick integration for node

basic imageserver with flexible imagemagick integration for node

P5ImageServer - ImageServer library for Processing

ImageServer library for Processing

ImageServerViewer - android sample code for image_server

android sample code for image_server

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