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Open source library the aim of wich is provide users the possibility to recognize different texts easily. Here are implemented such algorithms as Zonge Syn, Kvazitopologic and many other.



Related Projects

Image-recognition - C++ Project of recognizing object in an image or a series of frames.

This program is designed to take in a series of frames (or an image) and create a new image that color identifies object in the series of images (or in the image).

Anti-captcha4j - making computer 'recognize' the visual CAPACHA

1 build up the framework of ac4j 2 integrate most of useful algorithms and utilities in the field of pattern recognition 3 continue in researching new meathod to break the recent CAPACHA

Where-is-wally - Where is wally?

Where is wally? This is a Java based project. The idea is trying to find "wally" (which is a specific picture) browsing the internet. For doing that we distribute the jobs in many computers using JPPF Framework. The JPPF nodes get a URI with open picture albums, then the program downloads all the pictures and tries to get the faces from that images to compare them with wally. You can find the technology used in the wiki.

Zclack - Automatic mouse clicking for people who want to rest their hands

The mouse button is clicked every second after the mouse is paused. Doubleclicks, right clicks, etc can be performed through mouse gestures Rotate left - Double Click Rotate right - Right Click Move up and down = toggle left click Move down and up - toggle drag You start the gesture and it ends when you move back to the original location. For people who use the computer too much.

Objectdet - Image recognition library for object detection

A custom library based on OpenCV for object detection in an image.

Vntraffic - Computer Vision in Traffic Surveillance

Solving problems of counting the number of vehicles passing on a road during an interval time, as well as the problems of vehicles classification and estimating the speed of the observed traffic flow from traffic scenes acquired by a camera in real-time.

Ai2010 - AI 2010 group3

Group 3 AI-project 2010 ChalmersThis is the home of the "Reading a Childrens Book"-project for the AI course at Chalmers, spring term 2010. Project SummaryOur goal is to make a program that 'understand' children books by associate words with visual objects. To do this we use four main components: object-detection, image-recognition, natural language processing and a reasoning system. When the system is done processing the book, as many objects as possible should be labeled with their correct nam