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GUI for ILMerge Application



Related Projects

ILMerge-GUI, the .NET merger

Graphical interface to the Microsoft ILMerge utility. Makes it merging multiple .NET assemblies easy and hassle-free.

Costura - Merges the dependencies of a project

The aim of this project is to provide an alternative to ILMerge. Simply add the weaving task to your project. See SetupEmbedTask Feel free to ping me on twitter HowItWorksEmbedTask Setup can be simplified by installing the Visual Studio package Tools and Products Used

Configreader - Type safe, by convention access to the .net application configuration or other config

Provides access to application configuration files (or other configuration sources) by specifying a typed interface that will be used to read the configuration data. GettingStarted In case u have a request, idea or a patch, please use the discussion group. This project uses Castle's DictionaryAdapter component under the cover. The DictionaryAdapter's assembly is merged using ILMerge.

Gilma - GUI for ILMerge Application

Gilma is a front-end application to ILMerge: Microsoft's command-line utility that can be used to merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly. ILMerge is freely available from Microsoft's web site. ILMerge's license does allow commercial usage.

WebLibraryMaker - Create your user control libraries freely.

Post-build tool transforming any WebApplication into a library containing .ascx controls. It is easy to use resulting library like a set of Custom Controls.

Il-repack - Merge IL assemblies into one, using Mono.Cecil

Project is now hosted at GitHub ILRepack is meant at replacing ILMerge / Mono.Merge. The former being closed-source, impossible to customize, slow, resource consuming and many more. The later being deprecated, unsupported, and based on an old version of Mono.Cecil. Here we're using latest (slightly modified) Cecil sources (0.9), hence making the operation FAST (for real) (no longer true, but probably ain't because of Cecil). A console application has been released (can be used as DLL as well), u

Ilmerge-tasks - ILMerge Tasks for NAnt & MSBuild

The project page has moved to Interested in using ILMerge during an automated build? ILMerge Tasks containts two buildable projects that will allow you to access ILMerge as a task from both MSBuild and NAnt. It even includes a post-build event that merges ILMerge and the task dll so that you can use the task without ILMerge.exe being present. ILMerge is not licensed for redistribution, so you will need to obtain it from Microsoft here.

Mannex - Extension methods for .NET

Mannex is yet another extension library for the Microsoft .NET Framework, but with a few twists and a unique approach: It can be used piecemeal; take only what you need You can include it as an external assembly reference or just include its source and go Just leave out one file and extension methods from Mannex appear internal to your own library or application, leaving your public API pristine and under your control It introduces no new types Contributing is much easier because it uses Mercuri

Uppercut - Conventional Automated Build for .NET

Project UppercuT"Professional builds in moments, not days!"UppercuT is a conventional automated build for .NET. UppercuT is the insanely easy to use build framework. Try it out right now!UppercuT now has a gem. This lowers the barrier to entry to start using it on a system. UppercuT is still .NET (it's just using gems for delivery as a new option in addition to source code and the downloads). Note: To use gems you must have Ruby 1.8.6+ and Gems 1.3.7+ installed. Open a command line and type gem

Goomgum - A .NET wrapper for OpSource Cloud API, written in C# 4.0

IntroductionOpSource Cloud API is a RESTful web service interface that allows users to control their OpSource Cloud environment over HTTPS. Goomgum is a .NET library that can be used to simplify access to Opsource Cloud API from .NET applications. Goomgum wraps REST-style API operations in an OOP-style class library that can be used as a base for creating your own Opsource Cloud automation tools in .NET. Goomgum currently features a small but growing subset of the parent API, a set of unit-tests