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This page is the source code repository for all the projects, samples, and tutorials posted at Innovative Games is a blog written by Sean James. Its main focus is on game development with Microsoft's XNA Framework, but other topics appear from time to time.



Related Projects

EtherLab EtherCAT Master

IgH EtherCAT Master for Linux


qGo is a full featured SGF editor and Go Client available for Linux, Windows and Mac. qGo is based on Qt 3.1+. qGo2, currently under development, will be based on Qt 4 and will be able to play go on IGS, WING, LGS, CyberORO, Tygem, Tom, and eWeiqi.

Yygo-igs-client - a java implemented IGS client running on mobile phone

a java implemented IGS client running on mobile phone. support MIDP 2.0. Can observe, play. calculate result.

Industrydwarf - Bussiness game.

Bussiness game based on BossInGame and IG series.

Langood - Repository cours LangOOD

Ressources pour le blog

Pygogl - the interface of a game of go, to play on IGS or vs gnuGo

The project is coded in Python with an openGL framework. It's an interface to play go on internet with IGS, vs GnuGo or vs a direct player. You can record and replay sgf file and you can play go problems.

Weather-map - creat a weathe map on

creat a weathe map on,first only for in china,the other place will be later.