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hey.. Welcome To IFV Code Files.. here We Upload old Source codes For IDM Patch...




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Lruc - A lightweight c/c++ LRU memory cache

A lightweight c/c++ LRU memory cache. Yeas ago, I have implemented the same function with STL, a hashmp to access the items and a list to choose which items to discard. But I fell that will use more memory. So in a new project I try to rewrite one. Example: #include "lruc_ss.h"#include <stdio.h>int main(){ lruc_t lruc = lruc_ss_new(64, 128); lruc_ss_insert(lruc, "fan", "abcd"); const char* v = lruc_ss_find(lruc, "fan"); if(v != 0) printf("v = %s\", v); lruc_ss_free(lruc);}

Ht5ifv - HTML5 inline form validation

The jQuery ht5ifv plugin is an extensible and highly configurable jquery plugin which allows validation of the HTML5's forms while the user is typing. It is extensible because it allows the programmer to define new restrictions beyond those already defined by HTML5. It is highly configurable because not only does it allow changes to the validation rules defined by HTML5, but also the addition of new ones. Moreover, although assuming, by default, behaviours and ways to flag the errors in a very i

if_v8 - V8 interface to Vim

V8 interface to Vim

ht5ifv - HTML5 inline form validator

HTML5 inline form validator